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    • By arsenallover01
      Let me know what you think! I am right here, helping you with your English any time you need!
      I can translate from French & Spanish to English, vice versa, so I will be using this tool to teach my readers.
      Enjoy my page! 
    • By juancarlos
      Hi everyone!
      I want to talk you about Parlam, a website where you can fins online transaltion jobs.
      Parlam is a market place for translators and for  the person who need them, a place to find the others. 
      This model of the marketplace connect both parties and offers several advantages. From the perspective of the complainant, he will be able to have native translators in several languages, including minority ones, receiving a professional service. For the translator, this business model allows you to earn peace of mind because it ensures the collection and fairer margins, thanks to the elimination of intermediaries.
      Parlam was born seven years ago in Barcelona with a platform that helps large companies manage large volumes of translations in multiple languages. In addition to great savings, Parlam allows you to manage 1,000 simultaneous translations in 10 languages, with many translators and proofreaders, without having to send a single file or email. All automated through its platform.
      Check the website to find more information!

    • By Paulo Buchsbaum
      Sometimes I have to translate a text from English to German and I have an intresting technique that produces good results:

      I mainly use Google Translate, but also Bing (better for some short texts). I set Google Translate to the source language and the target language, then I get the result and I change the target language and the source language. I will change the initial text, in general to be more explicit and less idiomatic, until the result has the same meaning as the original. I

      In the end, I just need to know if the translated text has any serious incongruity.

      Can anyone good in Germany language help me point out some relevant translation problem?


    • By gjp
      Could someone help with the transcription of a French video? In exchange, I can design a new logo, birthday/wedding invitation or something similar for you   Thanks!
    • By ms.mikasha
      I have received this knitted brancelet and I would like to know if this have any meaning. Could you please help?