cosmopolite - learn French while exploring popular sites in the French Internet

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cosmopolite app makes it easy to immerse into genuine French content and grow vocabulary: 

Not for absolute beginners though, at least lower intermediate level required.

Any feedback is welcome.

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    • By NoAccount
      Hey there! I'm a 20-year-old English guy and I'd like to practice any of these languages:
      French (Intermediate) Italian (Intermediate) Spanish (Intermediate) Portuguese (Beginner) Irish (Beginner) Mandarin (Beginner) I find it useful doing a penpal thing through emails but I'd be up for other things like Skype etc. Let me know 
    • By jasonlfunk
      Hey -
      I recently created an app that allows people to internalize and master numbers in their target language. I found that when learning Turkish, even though I knew the numbers, I couldn't actually understand them when spoken to me quickly. This led me to create a tool that would help me practice. It's called Foreign Numbers. It's available on iOS and Android now. 
      I'd love for you to check it out and give me any feedback that you might have! Or any tips/tricks you have for learning numbers in another language.
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      If your French is at least lower intermediate and you feel bored with generic learning content, explore the actual French Internet and grow your vocabulary with cosmopolite app:
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      My son is finishing his primary schooling this year. Next year onward he has an option to study either French or Spanish.
      Can any one suggest which one is easier to learn?
      Also which one would be better for job prospects for him later in life?
      Appreciate any help. 
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