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Word for "Cloths,Hairstyle,Shoes"

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    • By LanguageTech
      Hi everyone,
      We've recently launched a beta version of our Language learning web site. Check it out at:

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    • By wotdpodcast
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      Does NOT include:
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      Jamie Silva
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    • By Baylissimo
      Check it out on the Google Play store
      This mini app lets you listen and learn fun words.
      These words are English fantasy words from films, books and games like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Clash of Clans.
      More themes, accents, languages and formats are on the way.

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    • By Filiger
      ¿ qué tal ?

      I propose something. Can we share some vocabularies about the theme : "Introduce oneself" like for instance :
      "My name is etc."
      "I am a student", "I am aworker", "My family is", I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters" etc.
      I will keep this topic update: it means that as soon as I have new vocabularies I will edit this message. So that people who want to learn Spanish on this forum could learn this theme by watching directly to the first message of this topic. What do you think ? Is it a good idea ? ¿ Una buena idea es ?
      Muchas gracias !

      Me llamo ... : My name is/I call myself

      Soy De ... : I am from/I come from

      People who contributes to the writing of this sheet :

      Mereloshn !

      A big thank you to you
    • By marta
      I found two study guide for hsk level one and two.
      Chinese Characters and Vocabulary For Beginners: A Study Guide For The HSK Exam; Level 1 Puzzles (Volume 1)
      Chinese Characters and Vocabulary For Beginners: A Study Guide For The HSK Exam; Level 2 Puzzles (Volume 2)
        The character searches in these books are organized thematically (greeting, restaurant, work, school etc) and will help people learn by presenting the material for different learning styles. you can search the words with Sherlock Holmes.. I like the idea of having Holmes helping you find the words.. Marta