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Beginners:English Level Test. What level are you?

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    • By Trellum
      Ok guys, let's talk about the languages we know and our levels.  For that we are going to use the level definitions used by the Common European Framework, they are as follows:

      A thread I read recently made me thing about this, since there are people on this forum who are learning several languages or that they already speak several languages... I thought it'd be interesting to know what level they considered their languages to be at.   I find that super interesting     I was actually think about this today... we rarely talk about levels, but lately this is something that is always on my mind, since i need to have a level of A1 in dutch in order to pass my test. 
      So here it goes:
      Spanish (mother tongue) English C2  - 3 years to master it. Dutch   A1  - So far only 8 months - I slacked a lot though   French A1 - (6 months, but stopped too soon)  
      Your turn guys!  Please feel free to also add how long you have been studying each language!