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If you're learning a language and want somewhere where you can get the following 100% free of charge...

  • comprehensive feedback from native speaker teachers concerning your writing skills
  • comprehensive feedback from native speaker teachers concerning your speaking skills
  • the ability to chat to native speakers and interact with them.
  • the chance to complete language podcast lessons, which help you gain a better understanding of the regional dialects in the languages you learn. (These lessons are currently only available in the English language, but we're busy working on creating lessons in many more languages, so watch this space....)

...please take a look at the new, vastly improved version of Lingora:

If you've got time, take a look at the blog post which describes how the platform works in detail:

Or if you've not got much time, watch the short, How It Works video:

Or why not just sign up and get started?  Remember it's a 100% free community. cool


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