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hello everyone, my name is Wildzany. I'm an Indonesian and english teacher. I would like to help anyone learn the indonesian language and culture. 

if you need a quick Indonesian course, please check my Indonesian lesson videos, on YouTube ( click here ) if the link doesnt appear, just search "Ykzir Polyglot" on YouTube search engine.

I will try my best to help anyone learn Indonesian language easily. we can learn together here.

but if you need to ask me some questios  over voice call on whatsapp, please feel free to talk/chat with me. here is my whatsapp number +6281553700865

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      # hello everyone, is there any of you interested in learning indonesian or/and malay language for free. we wanna share with u the essential indonesian/malay grammar 
      # we give free indonesian/malay course in Malang, EastJava, Indonesia. but you can also follow our course on our youtube channel. if you like and agree with such an education sharing social charity community. please support us by subcribing our channel so that we can keep giving education to others in the world for free. 
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      This is for people who are interested in learning Japanese or are learning Japanese or if you are one of those people who like to look around a lot. The sentence structure for Japanese can be hard to get the hang of because it's a little different if comparing with English. English structure is Subject-Verb-Object (Sorry might be incorrect) however if it's Japanese it's different. The structure for Japanese is Subject-Object-Verb. So if you were to say "I drink milk" if you put into the Japanese structure it would be "I milk drink". It can be very confusing when you are trying to say something at first but once you use it a lot you will get the hang of it. Hope this helped!