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  2. I was recently fired from my job, and I was afraid that it would be difficult for me to find a new one. But I decided not to despair and try to find a job on this site https://uk.jooble.org/jobs-work-from-home/Scotland where only current ads from real employers are displayed. There you can create your resume and search for a job. If you have an excellent knowledge of English, this will be a big plus.
  3. Glad to be a part of this forum. I speak three languages: English, Spanish and French. I can also translate Russian and Turkish texts.
  4. 大家好, hello everyone! I've just upgraded the code, now it processes the repeating characters without false positive signals. Other words, clicking ヌ+木+ヌ+口 returns only 1 character from the HSK, without the previous noise
  5. Yup, Catalonia. I visited Barcelona a few years ago, beautiful city with a lot of stuff to do. Do your best I'd say, you already know 3 languages, and a commonly agreed minimum to be considered a polyglot is 6 languages (so I'm not one of them sadly). I had a dream of becoming a polyglot in the past too, but I realised that trying to reach that status was at the cost of mastery in the language, so I decided to take the slow path instead, and not move to the next language until I at the very least rival a native speaker of that particular language.
  6. Hello! I'm looking for a language interchange English-Spanish partner, we can meet on Skype or even send e-mails. Si necesitas ayuda con tu español, yo puedo ayudarte! :-) Thanks! ¡Gracias! Gràcies!
  7. Hello everyone, how are you doing? I'm glad to be a part of this forum as I don't usually use social media but it's nice to meet new people. I live in a small country in Spain and in my free time I love going for walks to the mountain and ride my motorbike. My mother tongue is Spanish and Catalan, so you can imagine what part of Spain I'm from ;-) I would love to become into a polyglot person, I admire those people who can speak many different languages instead of I speak since I was a child two languages, it wasn't until 2012 when I became into an English fluent person,
  8. Hola Denise! Yo soy de España y me encantaría poder ayudarte con tu español. Could you help me with my English? :-) Saludos!
  9. Native speak here Semicolons in general aren't used much but when they used they combine two independent clauses together without the use of a conjunction provided the two independent clauses relate to each other. ex. 'I take my dog on a walk everyday; she really enjoys them.' You can also use them for list that have extra information and/or lists that need to be broken up more with commas. ex 'I bought some things at the store; a bunch of green bananas, fresh apples, and a lovely pineapple. Where in comparison 'I bought some things at the store, bananas, apples and pineapples.'
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  11. I think Alphaliterate's idea is a good one. It's also possible that you could do what many of these other logographies have done, and start with the fancier, more detailed images, and then slowly progress down to the more simplified versions of each character.
  12. Several years of learning English and still have problems with using articles. Thanks a bunch for the explanation! ❤️
  13. Lelu, a Stanford-founded EdTech company, offers an exciting and innovative way to raising bilingual children through its Spanish + STEAM program! STEAM activities in Spanish engages the whole family and supports thriving bilingualism! If interested, please visit lelu-usa.com to learn more about our program.
  14. I don't think an extreme children's picturebook would be suitable. Jokes aside, you don't really provide any examples of your book, the title seems rather generic if you ask me both ways. If the question is about with or without "the", I'd say: ・If Nice and Naughty are the names of the characters, no "the". ・If Nice and Naughty are titles to describe the characters, with "the".
  15. Not a native speaker, but I believe that a semicolon is used kind of in between a comma and a colon. So you'd list stuff like with a colon, but don't separate a sentence like with a comma so to say. I have apple, orange, and banana. (Regular sentence) I have 3 fruits: ・Apple ・Orange ・Banana (Sentence followed by a list) I have 3 fruits; apple, orange, and banana. (List within a sentence)
  16. Hello, everyone! I'm pitching a children's picturebook and extremely need your help with a proper title. It's going to be a Christmas story based around the Nice and Naughty list. My versions: 1. The Story of the Nice Platypus and the Naughty Duck. 2. The Story of Nice Platypus and Naughty Duck. Would really appreciate any help!
  17. My name is Erik and I am from Norway, and I am currently locked in a grammar dispute with a mate of mine regarding a very infamous punctuation--the semicolon. Having questioned numerous native English speakers about it, I still stand without a proper answer and my integrity is in tatters. As a result, I have come here to seek enlightenment. My mate wrote the following sentence: "From the results we found that the lowest levelized cost of energy was achieved by dividing the transportation sector in to three technologies; 50% electric, 30% hydrogen and 20% methanol." For the
  18. Hello Everyone! I'm researching for a paper and need some help: In Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn we meet the character of Jim, the escaped african american slave. Jim speaks in a very heavy lingo and wanted to know - What type of lingo is that? Is it a Missouri lingo? Is this what is called a "Negro lingo"? Or to connect more to the title, to which lingo does the phrase "Dog my Cats" belong to? Thank you!
  19. English is a very irregular language when it comes to letters. Once you become fluent in English, you'll understand that in English, writing doesn't matter so much. For example, the "K" in "knife" is silent, while in "kitchen" it's clearly pronounced. Likewise, the "E" in "axe" is silent, but in "recipe" each "E" sound is pronounced completely different. For such reasons I prefer to use Japanese writing system for phonetics, because Japanese syllables are almost always consistant. With latin that's not the case, because in each language it uses the pronunciation is different, a
  20. Hello,fellow English learners! Since my native language doesn't have silent letters it is sometimes hard to remember when to pronounce a letter in a word.Has anyone else encountered a similar hardship? Concrete examples include: - Talk; do you pronounce the L? - Herb; do you pronounce the H? -Wrist; do you pronounce the W? -Receipt; do you pronounce the P? P.S. Is it correct to say the L or just L?
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  22. Hi all, I am a PhD student at the School of Education at Durham University in the UK. I am researching polyglots’ beliefs about language learning, and the strategies that they adopt to successfully learn them. I have a short questionnaire that should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. If you are 18 or older and speak at least 4 languages at B1 level (CEFR) I would appreciate your help. The link is below. All responses are anonymous. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/polyglotsurvey Many thanks! Voke (ps. this questionnaire is different from the one I sent out last year
  23. Hi, everyone. I am software developer. I have so many experiences in programming and English conversation. If you want to learn English and programming, I will help you as much as possible. And I am going to introduce a way to learn English and get paid every month easily. If there is anyone who is interested in that, please don't hesitate to talk about it with me in this channel. Best regards.
  24. :) Hey everyone! I'm actually an English speaker but need some help with British slang for a project that I'm working on... I'm writing a script for a film that takes place in England in the 1960s. I'm working on part of a scene that takes place somewhat late at night. I've got one character {age 22} telling another character {age 20 but mute and somewhat childlike with brain damage from scarlet fever} essentially "time to tuck in" because everyone is about to get ready for bed and go to sleep. But I remember from a documentary re-enactment that "tuck in" is the equivalent o
  25. salut jean je voudrais de savoir qulle est ton instagram pour apprendre le francais et donc te suivre la. je suis Venezuelien et j'aime bien d'apprendre des nouvelle langues actuelleement j'apprendre le Francais. d'ailleurs vous pourrais me corriger si j'ai fait des erreurs
  26. Je vous recommend a tous d'ecouter la musique de Stromae et de faire un effort pour les traduire et comprendre tout ca qu'il dit dans ses paroles, ells sont tellement magnifique.
  27. Hi I'd like to help with your Spanish and we can have a laguage exchange . You could help me improve my English so if you want to do that add me on Skype Imvicblanco@outlook.com
  28. Hi Claudia i'd like to have an exchange of languagues with you My Name is Victor and this is my Skype ID add me if you'd like that ! Imvicblanco@outlook.com
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