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  2. hey,i’m here trying to find an IELTS speaking partner,let me know if you are intrested
  3. hey woild you like to practice IELTS speaking tasks together?
  4. Hello, I'm Italian and I would like to improve English conversation
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  6. Hi every one I'm new here. How does it work?
  7. Hi @Nina_pf thanks for doing the interview again, it was really cool! If anyone is interested in learning English, check out the video and subscribe to Nina's channel!
  8. Skeebdo is an App that teaches you english with the vocabulary from your favourite TV shows, Netflix series, movies and more. Here is a video with not only the review of the app with all its functions but also an exclusive interview with Skeebdo's developer in which he shares insights into the whole development process of the App. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/SJ1ZUjfdeQE
  9. I wrote an English text for an activity at my school, I would like to know if it is grammatically correct. Here is the text: The benefits of speaking a second language. There are several benefits to learning a second language fluently, not only for entertainment, but also in the professional field. Being bilingual makes a lot of difference academically, the chances of employment are much greater for a bilingual person than for people who speak only one language. Speaking another language helps a lot in different situations, many people get interested a
  10. A mi me encanta la comida china y la comida japonesa como el arroz con pollo o mariscos. En particular, me gusta el sushi. Pero no soy exigente ni delicada. Comere casi cualquier cosa. Me parece muy interesante que a ti te gusta el parkour. Tengo ganas de probarlo, pero tambien tengo miedo porque pueden ser muchos riesgos con el parkour. En otras palabras, el parkour me parece bastante peligroso. Pero felicitaciones por tu valentia.
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  12. For quite some time I have been in the work of learning Spanish for my current goals and studies, however, I could not find something that met the requirements of teaching me, having fun and also competing to see who knows more Spanish. Until I found Langlandia, it is an interactive learning game where you have the opportunity to learn Spanish fluently, know the different conjugations and pronunciations, as well as participate in exams and pvp's to demonstrate your knowledge to other players and climb the world rankings, have your "beasts" to fight against real players or against t
  13. Namaste from India ! I'm a University lad majoring in Japanese with minor in French and Philosophy ....
  14. I'm looking for someone who can have teach me Romanian or french or Japanese in exchange for English or Hindi...!!
  15. Transcription Services US is an international brand offering its translation services to the world. While providing global services we have not forgotten our country. Our Translation Services Hartford is proof of this. We Greensboro provide translation services, , to a wide range of industries including the most booming industries in the region like Manufacturing, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Transportation, and others. Our services come with extreme quality and high accuracy outputs and thus are the most effective translation services in the area. We also take care of the security o
  16. Hello, I want to learn French I practiced a little in the past but forgot everything I native in Persian and I also speak English
  17. I was born in Boston where my mom and dad decided to live their lives. My mom is Korean and my Dad is a Chinese minority. Since I was a kid they've been teaching me Korean as my mother tongue(family wise), Its was hard for me to not know how to speak English. Apparently, everyone around me speaks English so I just learned it without any trouble. When I was like 18 yrs old, they asked me whether I want to learn Chinese or not, I said YES without considerations, I just thought I should learn the language from my father side, Also I already spoke two different languages at that time w
  18. ¡Hola, Amigos! After teaching to over than 6000 students vai the Udemy course, New content is added and this time it's all on our new platform, which is optimized through our experience over the years in teaching Español to all our awesome students. Still, not only the content that is edited and updated! we are providing 1-on-1 Skpye/Zoom call time with our professional tutors that lasts up to 60 mins, to provide you the best environment to understand grammar, learn vocabulary and practice conversation skills. check the link for more details and to enroll : Languag3
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  20. Mucho gusto Eamon! Soy Nyk. Cómo te va?
  21. Me gusta la comida también. Hay tipo o país de comida que le gusta más que todo? Yo no tengo una favorita. También me gusta escribir, leer, jugar video juegos, los usuales. Pero mi actividad favorita en el mundo es el parkour. Me encanta lo. Hay más pero esta publicación ya es tan largo! Hasta luego!
  22. Linguapress.com has a great selection of free resources for teachers and learners of English. Graded reading texts with word guides, audio, and interactive worksheets - from levels B1 to C2 A full English grammar packed with clear rules and really useful examples. Word games and puzzles. And with Linguapress, free really does mean free . No logins needed, no need to open an account, no limits on use. Everything on Linguapress is open-access and free to use. Linguapress - since 1980 - one of the world's great EFL resources websites.
  23. Examination might lead to extra stress and anxiety, so I can say that if you feel something like this, you will definitely be able to relax and gt rid of these emotions that bother to be concentrated. Accordingly, I want to advise for you blessed cbd that will certainly help to have the best relaxation before stressful moments. Just try to use it!
  24. Hello! Hope you are well. I also want to learn to speak English better and of course, to practice it more and optimize my writing. I currently live in Valencia, Spain, but I want to go to London to study English, i would like to know if someone could advise me on which university or institution, I can learn more about this language, I would greatly appreciate it. I want to go to study in this city since I have read that it has a very recognized academic excellence and that the certificates they give are validated and recognized in all countries. Being a professional with in
  25. It has always seemed impossible for me to find a quality and reliable nursing essay writing platform online. However, I have completely changed my attitude after the first experience of cooperating with the service.
  26. Spanish can be a really hard to learn but when your equiped right it can be much easier, in this text im going to propose you one of the best site to learn spanish in just a few day, is that cool ?!? The site is totally leagit and got more than 6000 student that are determinated to learn spanish. Click here for more info (or the link below) and to learn spanish in a good environement with nice people! Que tengo un buen dia! https://bit.ly/3tZO3gM
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