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  2. Hello guys, I would love to share with you all this article that I found on the Internet sharing tons of useful resources for learning English. It mentions many FREE resources, songs, tips, courses, etc. You will acquire lots of helpful information after reading through the whole article. P.S. This article is written in Spanish, but it is written in a very simple Spanish. So, you don't need a high level of Spanish to understand the article. Hope it helps for some of you guys.
  3. Hey! I am only 15 days in to my 100 day challenge. My 2 tween brothers quit on day 13 due to.......... well, an attention seeking... PlayStation! But I’m still going strong and now need a buddy. I am 14, a girl. I have so many resources, so much to share with you, all free... cause I’m 14. And over all am driven to do this thing! Would love to meet some people equally as driven, and won’t bail on me. But hey! Anyone will do, you feel me? Welcome to all! Let’s just chat and share in Spanish.
  4. So here’s my story (I am 14) my brothers and I started a 100 Day Spanish Challenge. Looking to do as much as we can. unfortunately I was the one (as the oldest) taking on the teacher role when being a student myself. I was committed and driven. But my brothers were not. While I would spend the time figuring out what we would do for the day to learn some Spanish they just sat there expecting me to do all the work... as well as the learning. They quit on day 13 being tweens with a PlayStation, so I’m stuck here (day 15) without Spanish partners. So far I have stored 248 words into my brain. 200 of them being a list of 1000 most common words, and the rest being categorized nouns. I learned the present tense regular verb conjugations, the adjectives conjugations, the nouns conjugations, subject Pronouns, etc. As much as I could learn going at my distracted tween brother’s paces. Which was slow to my standard. I have found treasure loads of resources (free) that I am mixing into some concoction that seems to be working. As well as other things I forgot. Hit me up!
  5. Soy Nuevo también! Estoy tratando de Hacer 100 días del Español. Queres de hacer conmigo? Tengo tanto recursos decirte. “Im new too! I’m trying to do 100 days of Spanish. Want to do it with me? I have so many resources to tell you!” Yeah, the resources I got down, all free and just all around treasures I found while searching for the online Spanish cave. hit me up!
  6. Yes! I’d love to! I've been using multiple resources (dang, I did lost of research, I’m telling you there are so many resources once you find the entry to the cave) that I would love to share with you. This was a 100 day challenge that I was doing with my bros. But seeing as they are in their teens/tweens and have a PlayStation at hand. They gave up day 14 (it’s day 15 now) and are currently sitting on the couch playing video games. So I need some practice buddies.Hit me up!
  7. Hey there! I'm a Native Chinese speaker and I have been teaching Chinese for 6 years so I think I can help you with this! For starters, don't be intimidated by our tones, don't think of them as singing tones, but instead, think of them as the tones we use during our normal conversation. 1st tone is a high and consistent pitch - similar to the sound you make when you are scared and scream out - "ahhhh" 2nd tone is goes from low to high pitch - similar to the sound you make when you don't understand something - "ah?" 3rd tone goes from high pitch to low pitch then back to high pitch again - similar to the sound you make when you have understood something - "ahh" 4th tone is similar to the sound you make when you are angry - "ah!" Honestly, I haven't come across a student who is tone deaf so I don't know if this works for you. You can check out this video I made to hear the different tones - https://youtu.be/EKMwF-zkAhs . Please let me know if you can hear the difference in the tones and if you are able to pronounce them. I would love to find out if this method works for everyone. Thanks! :)
  8. Hey! I’m fluent in English (I’ve lived in the US my whole life and speak 2 languages fluently and another comprehensively. English is one of the fluent ones. I would love to learn Spanish and help you with your English. So far I have learned (but not memorized by heart) around 200 words, plus some extra nouns by categories. That would be around 48 nouns. So altogether I have around 248 words stored in my brain. I have been learning for 15 days. I know the present tense conjugation for regular verbs, how to conjugate adjectives, etc. Over all, I’ll tell you my plans if we start chatting Hit me up!
  9. No creo que mi inglés sea mejor que el de alguien nativo en ese idioma. De todos modos, gracias. Yo traduciría al español lo que puso en inglés de la siguiente forma: "Su inglés es grandioso! Probablemente mejor que el mío. Odiaba aprender gramática en la escuela." Greetings!
  10. Your English is great! Probably better than mine. I hated learning about grammar in school. Tu íngles es grandioso. Más mejor que mía. Odié aprender gramática de íngles en escuela. Perdon por ser informal.
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  12. Se dice: "Nada en especial" o "Nada en específico". Esa página tiene bastante información, más de lo que yo sabía, por supuesto. That site has a lot of information, more than I know, of course. Por cierto, sería tan amable en corregirme el Inglés que pudiera haber escrito mal? Se lo agradecería enormemente, ya que estoy aprendiendo dicho idioma. Gracias de antemano! By the way, would you be so kind to correct the English that I might have written bad? I would greatly apreciate it, since I'm learning English. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hello everyone! I have learned a few languages and I currently speak 5 languages fluently. I made this video to help others who are struggling to learn languages so I hope this video helps. Make sure you watch TILL THE END because ALL TIPS ARE IMPORTANT! Good luck with your language studies! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MNX_70e6I4
  14. Muchas gracias! Hay nada especifica. Tal vez, algun argot si lo sabe usted? Pero el enlace es bastante.
  15. I didn't know that website! I have taken a quick look and it seems to be a very helpful site for learning English. Thank you, armitur.
  16. I've also taken that test, and in preparation also had difficulties with writing. The only thing, in my opinion, which can help you is a practice, a lot of practice. You have to write many different essays and other types of assignments on a different topic. Also, it's essential to find a person or a service which can detect and correct your mistakes. I used https://wr1ter.com/ for that purpose. There work only professionals, so their help was vital for me. That method helped me to improve my service significantly and to pass the test.
  17. https://www.lifeder.com/palabras-frases-mexicanas/ Alguna palabra en específico que desee entender?
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  19. Tengo una pregunta: Que son las palabras populares en Mexico? Estoy probando entender dialectos diferentes.
  20. Hi, Vlad! What fluent language do you have? I'm fluent in Spanish and I'm learning English. I don't have much practice speaking English, in fact, I never talked before with someone with native English. Greetings!
  21. Nice and Very helpful! The chinese guy is funny too. Greetings!
  22. If you're looking for HIGH QUALITY Chinese-learning material, packaged in fun and practical videos, check out ABChinese on Youtube! Learn how to say "You're Welcome" in THIS video:
  23. Si, es verdad. Español es una de las idiomas mas rápido hablados del mundo, mucho mas rápido que el ingles.
  24. Gracias por la corrección, Maria. Que se animen los demás! Un italiano o alguien que domine dicho idioma por favor que le responda. Greetings!
  25. La corrección a lo que escribió sería: "... Pensé que no encontraría a alguien tan pronto." Lo demás está bien escrito. Greetings!
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