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  2. Greeting from China. If you find pronuncing the 4 tones of Mandarin a great challenging, you should feel luck that you are not learning Cantonese, which has a hell of 6 (some said 9) different tones. But enjoy the learning process!
  3. OH this is indeed a very special angle and it seems not many other guys had written about that. Hope you good luck sourcing for the materials.
  4. As it's inscribed on something, I think the chance to get two characters in reversed order might be small. It should mean to be 萱花草, yes the Hemerocallis fulva: 萱花草,又名萱草,俗名:忘忧草 The flower language: 1) Forget your sadness; 2) Thank you mum. 3) Hide some of your complicated feelings... BTW, on what surface was this inscribed on?
  5. Доброго времени суток,Друзья. Английский За 4 Недели 2в1. Курс-Бестселлер Английского Для Начинающих. Состоит из видео и аудио курса (2в1). Обучает Современному Разговорному Английскому. Подходит для всех, кто начинает изучать язык с нуля и для тех, кто когда-то его учил, и сейчас хочет все вспомнить. >>> https://clck.ru/JqgAY Включает в себя основные темы английского, необходимые для ежедневного общения: Работа, Бизнес, Семья, Путешествия, Деньги, Покупки и многое другое. В качестве бонусов идут уроки английского по фильмам. Курс разработан профессиональным русскоязычным преподавателем совместно с носителями языка. >>> https://clck.ru/JqgAY Успехов ВАМ!
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  7. I believe that the best way to learn a language is to travel. This gives a chance to hear how the native people speak.
  8. No, I can easily tell Spanish and Catalan apart. I have known Spanish since 2003, and Catalan I started studying since around 2014. Catalan looks like a mix of Spanish and French, but sounds like neither.
  9. Wow. That's an impressive list of languages, Leon! Is it confusing for you to tell Catalan and Spanish apart? That's something that I am interested in because I might move to Spain (Barcelona) in the near future.
  10. Hello everyone. I am a 30 year old American who is learning a few languages now as well as maintaining a few. English is my native language. I know Spanish to about C2 level, and Portuguese, Catalan and Italian to around C1. Dutch, French and Norwegian to about B2. The rest are intermediate and low levels. I am mainly autodidactic and much prefer learning alone than with a teacher/tutour or in a class. I plan to study medicine in Italy, so I am thinking about sitting either the C1 or C2 exam probably sometime next year.
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  12. Thanks I will be so glad to hear your honest feedback on this idea. We are close to the beta version launch and would highly appreciate any suggestion in regards to requirements or general evaluation.
  13. Hey. Does anybody like BTS and want to talk about them??
  14. Hola chicos. Me llamo Juliet, es estudiante de los Estados Unidos. Yo estudio el español en la escuela. Como estas?
  15. The website looks nice! Congrats on the launch.
  16. It is Chinese, "xuān huā cǎo". It is probably a reference to the flower Hemerocallis fulva However, it seems that the second and third character are in reversed order. If it is indeed the flower Hemerocallis fulva that we are talking about here, then it should be 宣草花 rather than 宣花草. As the "drawing" of the characters is not very accurate anyways, I guess this could very well just be a mistake.
  17. Hello everyone I'm a Tunisian who have been found of the English language from the age of 11. I really love the English language and would like to study abroad in English. I'm mostly interested in psychology. So I want to improve my knowledge of scientific vocabulary.
  18. Hello everyone,I've been learning English for about 11 years and I've reached a pretty good level but I think I reached a certain level for a few years and haven't surpassed it. I still want to learn and improve my vocabulary so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi everyone, Teaching online is exciting, however, not everybody is good or likes to make training/teaching online video. Langunity.com, a brand new language platform, provides teachers a wide range of online teaching materials like audio, images, narrated texts as well as video, flashcards and quizzes to create and sell mobile interactive courses. Currently we offer a prelaunch access and free VIP membership in our website. Please click on the below link to check it out and get your free VIP membership http://langunity.com Cheers, Milad
  20. Can anyone please tell me if this writing is Japanese? Thanks
  21. Is the needed in the following sentences? What does the sentences with and without the mean? (The) people who stand by you in your tough times are the best friends of yours. This notice is for (the) people who want to donate blood in the camp near the university ground. (The) students who used to read at this school are very successful now. Nikolas Maduro betrayed (the) people who voted for him. Another question, please tell me is it necessary to use the ? 5. John: What do you think about nikolas maduro getting elected as president regularly after so much anarchism in Venezuela? Me:- I think the people have no choice other than him to vote for. I think 'the' is necessary. what do you think? As an ESL learner this kind of question bothers me a lot. it is still not clear to me. Can I have a broad discussion please so that I can understand the whole thing?
  22. I would definitely recommend you to also learn her language. This way you go through a similar process and will be able to find similarities and differences in grammar and roots of words and you can motivate each other. As for grammar rules you could use websites like https://thedutchonlineacademy.com/ that have explanations in both Dutch and English. Here you can find information about word order https://thedutchonlineacademy.com/en/category/word-order You could also invest in a book (examples are De Opmaat or De Sprong) to combine grammar with reading and listening exercises and to have a very structured learning path.
  23. Hello What is the right way to say this? --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Singular and plural) Economic product and Economic products or Economical product and Economical products --------------------------------------------------------------------- When you say economic and economical? It's like when you say cheap products, but with the word economic. Thank you for your replies.
  24. What is "I hope you will not be displeased by these glimpses of local life" in correct French? GR
  25. Get your verified 100% genuine CERTIFICATES WITHOUT EXAM as below..... Korean : Test of Proficiency in Korean Korean Language Proficiency Test ::: Contact Phone:===== (+27)83 880 8170 Chinese : Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Dutch : CNaVT and NT2 French : DELF, DALF and TNF German : Deutsches Sprachdiplom Stufe I and II , TestDaf and NTD Italian : CELI, CILS and PLIDA Polish : Certificate Examinations in Polish as a Foreign Language Spanish : DELE and CELU ::: Contact Phone:===== (+27)83 880 8170 Portuguese : CELPE-Bras and CAPLE Russian :TORFL Japanese :JLPT and NNS ....... accessystem7@gmail.com
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