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    Help Me....what do i do?

    Hello world...Ok this is another 'which language should i learn'....sorry. But it's a little different situation. I'm trying to hurry up and finish my transfer degree and go to a 4-yr institution to get my bachelor's. A couple schools I talked to one of the requirements is 2 semesters of a foreign language. That threw a curveball in my schedule plan. So this upcoming semester I need to take a foreign language so I can meet that requirement by next fall semester and transfer. So now its late into registration. The school offers Spanish, French, German and Japanese. I had planned to take Spanish first choice, then French. But hesitated because they only offer total online class. I don't want to do a 100% online class for my first language course. Seems crazy thats all they have, really just kind a crappy. Anyway, so I have to choose between German and Japanese now, because the Spanish and French classes are all full. I took German 20 years ago, so don't know it, but my only foreign language class exposure. Really my first choice I want to learn Latin, but that's not an option. I tried Mandarin on my own for a while. I have a goal to learn Mandarin eventually. The German instructor is supposed to be really good, I know the Japanese instructor and she is yawesome. But I'm afraid taking Japanese, would not help at all if I want to learn Mandarin. Especially if less than a year later I'm at a 4-yr school and taking Mandarin classes. If I had to pick between living in Germany or Japan, I think I would pick Germany. Nothing against Japan, but mainly the cost of living is so insane there. So...I really need any advice should I take German or Japanese...or do I just take a hit and wait for Spanish next semester. The ripple effect will be either I end up in community college and extra semester and transfer a semester later, or end up having to transfer to a school that isn't requiring two semesters of language. Good: German - Have a tiny bit of exposure from a long time ago, there is a German town nearby where I live (Frankenmuth, MI) like a little bavaria lots of German speakers there, Germany or Austria or Switzerland would be countries I would like to live Japanese - The instructor is great, know I would get a good grade in the class, might be more pragmatic for the international business world than German, might help if I want to go on to Mandarin soon (???) Bad German - Will it really be much use outside of the couple of German speaking countries ?, is it a poor choice for my first second language? Japanese - Will it just be a waste of time and have to brain dump it when I start learning Mandarin? Does it make much sense to learn if I don't have big plans to spend time in Japan someday? Is Japan even affordable if I wanted to live there? Or is it a pipe dream like saying you want to move to San Fran area, it's only $4k a month for a 1-bd
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    They are the same. The difference in spelling is simply due to regional variations: British English v American Spelling. There are other words, such as excercize, exercise that are similarly variable. Generally, words ending with /ize/ are British and words ending in /ise/ are American. Canadian spelling usually uses the same as British, with a few variations. I hope this helps!
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