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    Hi @Blaveloper, have a free mindset to learn and expect to excel in everything you do. If I were you, I wouldn't anticipate as much as you are. Be positive; that's one of the keys to success. Good luck and hope all goes well.
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    This is an interesting thought. When I think about it, there are some genres that I like better in one language over another. For example, for the most part I do not like American heavy metal bands. I don't find the voices appealing. However, I will listen to metal in Japanese or German or Italian. I like Korean pop and rap, but I rarely listen to J-pop and English pop. French and Italian rap are where it's at for me. Sometimes the language increases the power of the music or flows better with the beat. Yet, if the song is good, I'll listen to it, regardless of where it originated from.
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    In my former office before, the way they teach phonics is with the help of a specially-made language learning software. In that program, kids do a lot of mirroring/repeating. Students get to listen to how certain letters sound, they get to record their own voice, and comparing them to the source audio. I think it helped a lot as when the kids listen to their own audio-recorded voice and compared to the source audio, they have better appreciation of how different they sound. So yeah, it involves A LOT of repetition.
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    It all depends, for example, I currently live in a country where 0.5 of 10 citizens can speak english, not proper english but they try, I dont consider myself as an english speaker but I've learn a lot and I can actually say that I CAN speak english properly, everybody tells me that it is going to open many doors for me, job offers, girls will like me as soon as I start talking and stuff like that, I could really use that as an inspiration for my self person, however it will benefit you depending on the use you give to it, if you're learning because you wanna get a girlfriend go ahead and do it if you want but that is not a proper motive to learn, we gotta learn because we love it and we're somehow going to make a living out of it, at least that is what I think about that so yes, it benefits you a lot in many ways.
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    Hallo! Ich weiss nicht wer Nina Hagen ist aber ich habe Rammstein und Modern Talking gern zuhören.
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    Die Ärzte sind top, Rammstein, die Toten Hosen, Alligatoah...
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