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    One word: agenda. Instead of doing stuff whenever you feel like doing, just schedule your tasks accordingly. I'm using Google Calendar myself, I make a schedule like a whole month in advance. A successful schedule looks like this: Schedule your school and/or work hours first, as you have no control over them yourself. Schedule all your appointments you've already made. Schedule your learning and other activities now. This really helps me improving my Japanese, learning Russian and working on multiple hobby projects, without interference with work.
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    HELLO! 안녕하세요!

    Hello! I'm a new member to this site! I am currently a college student in the Philippines. I am a KPop fan (of only a few groups, actually), and ever since I became one I have always wanted to learn Korean language! So... here I am! I am really, really happy to meet new people that can help me reach my goal and actually be my friend even! We can help each other - I can teach you English and Tagalog, if you're interested! Feel free to contact me! Have a nice day!
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    HELLO! 안녕하세요!

    welcome! I have been studying Tagalog for some time. Really interesting language. Very exotic indeed. and very funny mix of English and Tagalog ----> Taglish :=)
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    Spanish Verb Practice

    Hola Wanda, I just took a look at your site and it's very good. I am not one to throw kudos around but, I must say, I enjoyed playing around with the exercises. Should you ever need any extra assistance with "anything Spanish", please, do not hesitate and send me a note. I will gladly help you.
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