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    How to Learn Languages in easy way

    There is no "easy" Way... If you start with such an idea you will be disappointed at some point and you could be tempted to quit your study. The language learning marketing started with "fluent in three months" and you find now on internet "French in one day" or even "a foreign language in two hours"... Forget! The trick is most of the apps (I have tried hundreds of them) are for beginner level with few or no grammar to be more glamourous and please the credit card holder. Later on, the cliff will be huge for "easy" app users... The truth is this is a winding road with hopes and despairs and you should mentally accept it in order to keep a strong spirit. Each language has difficult and easy aspects. Just keep rolling on! Itchy feet comics has a great one that sums it well: You have got on the market tools working well for different aspects of a language (writing, grammar, conversation...) that help you to better learn.
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