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  1. @flovo I think that what you are talking about has cultural and political issues. While Romands always are thinking that in the eyes of Swiss-Germans their opinion has less worth, Swiss-Germans don't have this feeling. So therefore Romands rather want to avoid learning German, while Swiss-Germans don't care, or in fact, they try to speak rather in French or Italian to communicate with each other, because they are aware of how Romands and Ticinesi are feeling, and try to make a difference. I hope it makes sense to you, what I am trying to say! I for myself think, that everyone should learn the language they are interested in. Or looking for the reason why someone wants to study a language even. And then I'm certain that you'll find the language in which you'll be passionate in it, and you may understand why it doesn't matter how difficult a language is to study. =)
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