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Donnerwetter in English: Here’s What it Really Means

Donnerwetter in English: Here’s What it Really Means

What is the Meaning of Donnerwetter in English?

Donnerwetter literally translates as ‘thunder weather’ into English. That said, “Donnerwetter” can mean one of four things in English: Thunderstorm, a heated argument, an outcry of anger or a cry of admiring astonishment.


Donnerwetter as thunderstorm

Donnerwetter is an obsolete term for ‘thunderstorm.’

In German, if you would like to talk about a thunderstorm, you would generally use “Gewitter” instead.


Donnerwetter as a word for a heated argument

Donnerwetter can also be used in a metaphorical way to mean “a heated argument.”

So, for instance, we could have the following German sentence:


Wenn du nicht bald aufhörst zu spielen, gibt es garantiert wieder ein Donnerwetter!


If you don’t stop playing soon, there surely will be another heated argument!


Donnerwetter to mean outcry of anger

In German, Donnerwetter can also be used as some sort of curse word. 


Zum Donnerwetter nochmal, wie oft muss ich Dir das denn noch sagen?


For God’s sake, how many times do I have to tell you?


Donnerwetter to mean a cry of astounding astonishment

The last meaning that Donnerwetter has in English is to express admiration for something or someone. 


Donnerwetter, der Typ weiß aber wirklich wie man Fussball spielt!

Jesus (Holy sh**), that guy really knows how to play football!


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