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The Slang Word “Esketit” Demystified

The Slang Word “Esketit” Demystified

What does Esketit mean?

Esketit means “Let’s get it.” Another spelling variant of the word is “Esskeetit.” The credit for Esketit (Esskeetit) goes to rapper Lil Pump, who makes regular use of “Esketit” in his rap songs. In 2019, on his second studio album “Harverd Dropout,” he even dropped a song with the very name of “Esskeetit.” 


Esketit as an ad-lib

It seems that Esketit is often used as a meaningless ad-lib rather than an actual word with the meaning of “let’s get it” or something along the lines of that. The trapper of the century, that’s how Lil Pump calls himself at times, seems to use Esketit at will.

Here are a few examples for all of you taken from songs of Lil Pump’s two studio albums Lil Pump (2017) and Harverd Dropout (2019).

Hopefully, these examples will give you an idea of what Lil Pump exactly means by saying “Esskeetit.” Well, maybe that doesn’t even matter, right?

But anyway, let’s give it a go:


In the song “Esskeetit”(2018), Esskeetit repeatedly appears as:

Only wear designer, esskeetit (ouu!)
Hoppin’ out the Wraith, esskeetit (esskeetit!)
Smashin’ on your bi***, esskeetit (ouu!)


In the song Crazy” (2017), Esskeetit gets some shine in the form of:

Yeah, ooh, essketit


In his song “Racks on Racks” (2019), Esskeetit stars as:

(Esskeetit, ooh)

Racks on racks on racks on racks on racks on racks, b*tch (Esskeetit)


In the song Welcome to the Party (2018) by Diplo, French Montana & Lil Pump ft. Zhavia Ward (don’t ask me who all these people are), Esskeetit makes for another appearance:

Burn up, let it burn


Eskeetit as a bling-bling necklace

In some of his songs like in Baller Alert 2, Gazzy Garcia a.k.a Lil Pump is even wearing a bling-bling necklace with Eskeetit on it. And you can also see him wearing it in this interview where Lil Pump is throwing another thousand Eskeetits at you. Not only him, though. The interviewer is holding his own and contributes a few Esketits himself.

The Meaning of Esketit

Esketit Roblox Edition

If you can’t get enough of Eskeetit (which I highly doubt), you can check out the Roblox version of the song.

Roblox is a computer gaming platform where users can create and enter their own game worlds. It has over 100 million active players every month! And guess what, some “creative” users of Roblox decided to use the game software to create music videos for popular songs, one of them being, you guessed it, Eskeetit!

So how does this all play out?

Well, you asked for it!


And now, if you start to think that things are getting a little out of control, you might want to have a look at this Roblox version of Eminem’s Rap God. Next level stuff, I would say.


Ok, that’s enough for today! We all need a break, I reckon.

So let’s finish this off with a picture of the trapper of the century himself, Lil Pump!