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How To Say “Wonderful” in German: Examples & Pronunciation

How To Say “Wonderful” in German: Examples & Pronunciation

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How do you say wonderful in German?

The direct translation of wonderful into German is “wunderbar”. Depending on the context, wonderful can also be translated as “wundervoll,” “herrlich” or “traumhaft.”

Combine them with “einfach”

All of these translations for wonderful can (and often should) be combined with the adverb “einfach”  as an intensifier.

More often than not, your sentences with “wunderbar” (or synonyms of it) will sound more natural that way, especially in oral conversations. You will find plenty of examples with einfach combined with wunderbar in the next section.

Note that einfach is always placed in front of the adjective. So the structure is always adverb and then adjective in this case.


Add wunderschönto the list

Sometimes “wunderschön” can also equal wonderful. Usually wunderschön means beautiful. But let’s have a look at some examples where wunderschön could be a possible translation of wonderful.


Wir haben ein wunderschönes Wochenende (zusammen) verbracht. (We spent a wonderful weekend.)

Diese wunderschöne Stadt wird uns für immer in Erinnerung bleiben. (We’ll always remember this wonderful town.)

Diese wunderschöne Melodie hat mich von Anfang an gefesselt. (This wonderful melody has captivated me from the beginning.)


Wonderful in German: Sample Sentences


Example 1:

Wir unternahmen einen wunderbaren Spaziergang im Park. (We went for a wonderful walk in the park.)

Diese 4 Studenten leisteten wunderbare Arbeit! (These 4 students did a wonderful job!)


Remarks: Instead of “wunderbare Arbeit,” you could very well also say “tolle” Arbeit. So in some cases, wonderful may also be translated as “toll.”


Example 2:

Wir haben eine wundervolle Aussicht auf den Fluss. (We have a wonderful view of the river.)


Example 3:

Das Wetter heute ist einfach herrlich! (Today’s weather is just wonderful.)


Example 4:

Diese Landschaft ist einfach traumhaft! (This landscape is simply wonderful!)


More positivity: How to say amazing in German

In this article, we have seen many possible ways to say wonderful in German. You already memorized all of them?

Well, then let’s take your German to the next level by learning some different ways to say amazing in German. You will literally be amazed to learn how many possible ways there are to say amazing in German!


Related Questions


How do you say that’s wonderful in German?

In German, you would say “Das ist wunderbar.”


How do you say You are wonderful in German?

You are wonderful translated into German results in “Du bist (einfach) wunderbar!” If you would like to tell a girl that she is very beautiful, you would say “Du bist (einfach) wunderschön.”


How do you say great in German?

The standard translation for great would be “großartig.” Depending on the context, “toll”, “super”, “hervorragend” and “exzellent” could also make for good translations of great.