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  1. Hello everyone! I am Russian. Listening practice has always been very hard task to me; when I was a school pupil I thought that understanding of spoken language would be very easy to me once I'd memorised loads of word and phrases and taught myself to read unadaptive English literature. But when I reached all that I realised that I was very much mistaken and understand of even simliest words and constructions by ear is very very hard to me. So now I am practising to listen as much as I can. My question is - maybe someone could get me some advice on listening techniques and methods for a quick progression? Well, my own method is like this - I only listen to British English - I download a podcast (usually something by BBC) or a chapter of an adaptive audiobook, print a script of it, then first time I listen without the script and the second - with it. I've noticed that my understanding became better but not as good as I would like it to be. Some parts of a speech still sounds like a blah blah blah to me It is frustrating but I am struggling. Maybe someone can teach me their own unique and very productive method? I would be very grateful, thank you
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