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  1. I'm having trouble with object pronouns.

    I understand the direct and indirect object pronouns in Maria lo compró in Maria te lo compró, but what has me confused is the presence of an direct object pronoun when the indirect object is in the sentence, like this:

    Maria les compró los regalos a los niños.


  2. On 8/25/2019 at 9:31 AM, linguaholic said:

    Hey SteveB, warm welcome to Linguaholic!

    How do you like the Rosetta Stone software, so far? I am really curious about that. I would like to pick up some Spanish too, but I am probably sticking to learning apps on my iphone rather than spending money for Rosetta Stone.



    I like RS a lot. I like the immersion style of teaching. There is no spoken or written English in the lessons. Immersion and conversation are the only ways to become fluent in a language, IMO. I'm also doing Duolingo, but there is a lot of translation between English and Spanish. It makes you do the translation in your head instead of teaching you to think Spanish. The only complaint I have about RS is that their speech recognition software could be a lot better. Sometimes if I completely mangle a sentence, it gives me a perfect score. RS is only $120 per year, and I don't plan to use it for over that. There is also an iPhone app that is free. It will cause a little eye strain.

  3. Hello all.

    I used to speak reasonably good Spanish in my teens, but that was 50 years ago and I have lost much of it. I'm taking a Rosetta Stone course to brush up, and a lot is coming back to me. I need to improve my conversational Spanish, and I thought this would be a good place to do that.

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