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  1. English is a simple subject for me since I took classes on it when I was young. Having a good interactive app might help you. For example, duolingo does not work for me but Busuu and Babbel worked great. I’m not saying u shouldn’t try duolingo since it works wonders for my best friend. But find one that fits you well.
  2. Can we create a discord channel or such for small groups learning languages?
  3. I like a variety of manga and manhwa but I don’t really repeatedly read them like I do on webtoons such as Noblesse, Aisopos and Lookism. If there would be a manga I read faithfully, perhaps Death Note, One Piece and mostly one shots.
  4. I tried duolingo but not as effective for me. However, it works great for my friends. Thanks for the other commented programs, I’ll check them out.
  5. Do you find online sources for this? I always fancy learning an old language
  6. I’m a native speaker and I always mispronounce French words that are used in an English sentence, I mean, once I learned them, it is easy. But there are words that I just read, not heard.
  7. Anything that critiques and addresses politics. I know most adults would say ‘children should stay out of politics’ but really, 17 is the perfect age to start reading about these stuff. In 3 years, the world will be about your generation, not ours.
  8. When it comes to stories, I prefer reading physical books. It’s just something I’m used to and I love the feel of flipping over pages compared to switching, swiping, or scrolling screens.
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