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  1. Does this work the same way for all of Google’s algorithms? I studied SEO Google for a bit and this is possible but not that easy
  2. Aside from picking a certain time or emperor, pick up a few reference books. It’s best to separate your study from other studies on the same concept. (for example, if you’re going to write about the system of concubines or their psychological wellbeing, etc)
  3. Is this like the eminent domain in other countries? Aren’t the owners going to be paid?
  4. It would be helpful to read and know the words first. I learned most of my vocabulary in english through reading in books and when I hear it spoken, I get to correct my pronunciation. However, I can easily understand it during that time. Keep lots of references (apps, books, online lessons).
  5. Hey. This is a really good advise. I’m trying to learn a new language and I also missed actually saying the words.
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