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  1. That's great! I think learning languages while playing is really effective. I used to learn French with games as well, but it wasn't with a special app. It was cs go, and I just entered French servers and talked to people there. It was extremely fun to do, and I still have some French friends from that time. One of them even told me that it was possible to sell cs go skins, and it was a great discovery for me.
  2. Hi! I want to share with you my find how to quickly and efficiently track your housing even if you are not in the city or on vacation or even on a business trip. This is an excellent ajax alarm system that will help you monitor your housing, just go to this site and you will find out how it works and what its advantages are. For me, for example, it is important that there are many functions in addition to just the usual protection against thieves. Motion sensors and the ability to detect other troubles at home are very captivating!
  3. That's cool. I usually play computer games just to have fun, and I don't learn much from them.
  4. Thank you very much! I find your solution very helpful. I work as an editor and I have to write lots of texts. I usually look for some tools that can simplify my work and make the process more effective. I have even ordered a reliable printer with cartridges to use at home. I have a little home office. By the way, here is a store where I order everything https://www.mrdepot.ca/products/brother-dcp-l2550dw-toner . They have free delivery.
  5. I've always wondered why Japanese cuisine sounds the same as ours. Then I looked at the design of their kitchens and understood everything.
  6. Almost all the job offers require perfect language skills. But I suppose it is possible to find some vacancies without those requirements. Try to look at https://ca.jooble.org/jobs/Cambridge%2C-ON. These types of jobs are a good start and opportunity to improve language and get a working experience.
  7. I was recently fired from my job, and I was afraid that it would be difficult for me to find a new one. But I decided not to despair and try to find a job on this site https://uk.jooble.org/jobs-work-from-home/Scotland where only current ads from real employers are displayed. There you can create your resume and search for a job. If you have an excellent knowledge of English, this will be a big plus.
  8. Glad to be a part of this forum. I speak three languages: English, Spanish and French. I can also translate Russian and Turkish texts.
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