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  1. Hello! I think I'm depressed. Lately I have absolutely no motivation to wake up in the morning. It's not that I have suicidal thoughts, just no motivation to get up and go to work, communicate with people. What to do....
  2. Hi! I did a renovation a year ago, too. I did something myself, like painting the walls or tiling the kitchen. When it came to the harder stuff like putting in new doors and windows I turned to Home Remodeling Sudbury https://ubrothersconstruction.com/l-home-renovation-sudbury. I went to their website and found a full range of services. If you are interested I left the link above.
  3. The house and parts of the house are a wonderful part of English grammar. It's a pity that everything at home is not as beautiful and filled as other people's. My house needs renovation. Good luck guys in learning.
  4. Oh, it's pretty easy. I didn't know how to copy text from a picture or screenshot before either, and I did a lot of work because I rewrote text from a picture. But just recently I came across a site that lets you convert a screenshot to text. I am happy that I found this site, because it made my life much easier.
  5. I don't know if there are programs for this, but I do know that you can write a test case yourself. A test case is exactly what you need. It's like testing cosmetics for quality before you get your hands on them. You can read more here. They will tell you more about what it is and explain how to write a test case. I hope I was able to help you!
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