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  1. Reading your ad reminded me of my experience. You know, I broke up with my girlfriend and was alone for a year. I was broke and didn't want anything but one day my girlfriend introduced me to swingers in Albany, NY. I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a try. I was so impressed that I couldn't stop.
  2. Good evening, can you tell me what TV about finance is? I urgently need to learn about it as much as possible because I want to try it out.
  3. These days a lot of people travel and learn languages. Many people run into problems when ordering tickets. It's actually a very common problem. An acquaintance of mine owns an airline, and over a cup of coffee he shared his problem with me. He said that people are complaining that it's very difficult to book tickets now because of the glitches. Fortunately, I know a company called ticketinghub. They provided a platform to sell tickets. Now he is rid of that problem.
  4. When developing Android apps, you have different types of devices, a wide range of screen resolutions, and other nuances to consider. Our team uses the best tools available to ensure that the app will work well on all possible devices. For example, we use Android Studio in app development , which allows us to quickly emulate devices and customize different versions of the app. You can read more about Android app development here.
  5. Oh, I have the same problem. I'm learning Spanish and the site where I've always studied stopped working... What to do...?
  6. Many people have problems with writing essays. If you want to solve these problems, then I recommend that you find a good essay writing service. I recommend you click here for more info. This way you will be able to choose a good essay writing service for yourself and it will make your studies much easier! I think that this information will be very useful for you!
  7. Good evening, I know that now you can raise a lot of money on the casino games. But... There's a lot of cheating everywhere. Can you advise some good casino, which 100% payout without cheating?
  8. Hi! Thank you for the information! Can you recommend me some good online casino where I can win money?
  9. Obrigado pela sua informação. É realmente útil agora. Em troca, quero dizer-lhe como pode descarregar vídeos do YouTube sem pagar uma assinatura. Penso que será útil para todos, porque nem todos querem pagar dinheiro. Utilizo este youtube downloader. Estou muito satisfeito)) Espero que tenha achado esta informação útil!
  10. Hi! I'm learning English and would like to download video tutorials from youtube on English grammar. Can you advise me some app that will help me download videos from YouTube for free?
  11. Hey buddy! broyy44 maybe you shouldn't be so categorical? There are well-rounded people on this forum. In general, I can advise you an interesting article I read the other day, it talks about securities fraud. It tells in detail what the criminal penalty for this is. Maybe you will be interested in it https://www.natlawreview.com/article/growing-risk-securities-fraud-litigation-under-section-17a. Good luck in your studies!
  12. Hi guys) Tell me about shopping. Where do you buy clothes? Do you prefer shopping or ordering clothes online? I, for example, don't really like shopping. Online shopping is the most convenient things in the world.
  13. Tell me, how do you clean your house? I usually clean every day and once a week I do a general cleaning. It helps to keep the apartment clean.
  14. I wish I could finish university sooner and buy an apartment haha. Apartment renovation is an important thing. My parents did the repairs themselves and I think that's the most reliable thing.
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