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  1. Thai reading practice app Suitable for children who are not fluent in Thai. 1. Free 2. Contents are extracted from Thai books, Grade 1 and Grade 2. 3. The app will read to you first. Then let the children read along. 4. Can choose content adjust reading speed and set the distance between the sentences 5. If used and there is no sound output, do the following. - Setting - Language & Input - Text-to-speech output - Preferred engine : Google Text-to-speech Engine - Install Thai - Default Languages Status : Thai 6. Can play offline (No internet connection required) 7. Available for Android only. 8. Download at Play Store. Key used to search: ภาษาพาที สล็อต1บาท
  2. 3 Chinese learning apps, fun learning, easy to use, really improve language skills. 1.Learn Chinese – HelloChinese The most popular Chinese learning app of Thai people. Because it is designed for those who are just starting to learn Chinese. Easy to learn, fun because it has a learning system that is similar to playing games. Chinese speaking and writing can be practiced through the sound analysis function. and the function of writing Chinese characters by hand Make learning Chinese easier than you think. 2.Learn Chinese – Listening and Speaking Chinese learning app for people who want to learn Chinese by themselves. to help you speak and listen to Chinese easily and effectively With over 750 everyday conversations, it is suitable for beginner to advanced Chinese language learners. Can practice listening to the tone of the whole sentence like the pronunciation of a native speaker and learn useful vocabulary and phrases for everyday communication After graduation, go to practice more skills by watching Chinese series, smart heroines as well. 3.speak Chinese – study Chinese daily learn chinese easily from using this Chinese learning app with thousands of Chinese idioms and phrases to practice pronunciation and use it effectively Suitable for those who are interested in learning Chinese for beginners. Because there are many basic sentences in everyday life. whether it's a way to say hello in Chinese thank you in chinese and general conversation that can be used in practice. UFA222.INFO
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