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  1. Más vale solo que mal acompañado

    It means: Being alone is preferable to being in bad company

    Nunca es tarde cuando la dicha es buena  -  It´s never too late for joy

    No cantes gloria hasta el fin de la victoria    -  Don´t sing glory till the victory is complete

    Do you have more nice Spanish sayings to share? Please share it here.

  2. Como esta!

    Just like learning other languages, in order to increase our Spanish vocabulary we must use it often as we can. Speaking to someone who is fluent with it is one of the ways to increase vocabulary. We should also try using it in writing stories or articles. A Spanish dictionary in our side is a great aid as we journey in learning Spanish.

  3. Spanish is an influential language. They had influenced different languages in the world after Spaniards had conquered some countries that they had reach many years ago. In the Unites States, Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language and there are lots of historical letters that were written in Spanish. Learning Spanish really worth our effort because it's one of the languages that is easy to understand, learn and use by many people worldwide.

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