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    Hedonologist got a reaction from Sunny in Do you find germans allow you to practise with them?   
    Often when native English speakers attempt to use a learnt language with a native speaker, the native speaker will revert to English. Germans have a reputation for preferring to use English fluently, rather than broken German, but I've not found this to be the case with me personally.

    Do you have any experience with this?
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    Hedonologist got a reaction from Chemist in Where to begin learning Arabic?   
    Learn the Script first of all. There are many good youtube tutorials for this. Once you have mastered that many borrowed words will immediately become clear to you. After that I would recommend learning basic grammar and vocabulary, a few common verbs by rote and then use parallel texts of short stories.
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    Hedonologist got a reaction from Mechanic1c in Similarities in Hebrew and Arabic learning material   
    Has anyone else noticed that in so many courses for Hebrew and Arabic there seems to be a familiar structure. I've noticed that the word for House 'bait', which is the same in both languages is usually the first noun taught.

    I know they are both Semitic languages so maybe that has something to do with it.
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