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  1. I absolutely agree with you. For me, good grammar is very important. I see a lot of people in the internet nowadays, writing content that has some horrifying grammatical mistakes. They make mistakes with the most simplest of sentences and it shows that they aren't really good at it. They mix up all the tenses and make it look like it's gibberish. I'm sure they know what they are talking about, but fail to communicate.It doesn't matter whether you're writing or speaking, Grammar for me, is very important.

  2. I started at a very young age of 5. English is not my native language but as I mentioned in another thread, my folks made sure that I become fluent in it. I started by reading comics and then shifted to some good books. As I grew up, I got into a good school that taught English very well and I didn't have any problems after that. Moreover, I tend to speak English a lot even with my friends here and that helps too.

  3. It wasn't a conscious effort from me to learn English. My parents are very educated and instilled reading habits in me and encouraged me to read a lot. They made sure that English would never be a problem to me as it's a universal language. I also think my school helped a lot for me to become fluent in English. I'm not an expert but I'm sure I can write and handle myself well when it comes to English.

  4. It's definitely a window to the world. It's important to be able to communicate properly, especially online or you will be blatantly misjudged. According to me, it's never too late to learn and one can learn no matter how old they are. I see people giving up and continuously repeating the same mistakes and they don't tend to learn. It makes it very difficult for them to be understood by other people. Also, it's not necessarily true that people who's native language is English, don't commit mistakes. It's really important to develop a writing as well as a reading habit to excel in any language.

  5. The internet nowadays is so vast that you can find anything you're looking for in a matter of minutes. You could search for eBooks and I believe that are some are really excellent. But like you said, not every student is the same and it depends how they grasp certain things. While some students learn well by reading books, other may excel while they do it online. Online tutorials are a good source if you really pursue it and find the right one.

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