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  1. They are both the same thing. I am English, born in the UK and I always seen both ways in English. Even an English teacher would say that they are both the same. I like using "whilst" quite a bit but for me it depends on concept. For example, "while I was waiting in the queue". "Whilst I took the pencil out of my bag....". So I use whatever depending on the situation but it is the same if you are going to swap round the words. "Whilst I was waiting in the queue". I think whilst sounds more familiar to me though.

  2. When learning english pick out which english language you are trying to learn because American and British english are very different. Like color and colour which is the american spelling first and then the british spelling second. More examples are favorite and favourite and harbour and harbor.

  3. I find conjugations hard to remember for some reason. I am starting to learn the preterite tense so changing ar, er and ir verbs. But it seems to hard to remember.  How can I learn the rules more quickly. Once that part is down it will be pretty easy to learn spanish I think.

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