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    Trellum got a reaction from darkchild in Name calling   
    @darkchild  It's considered very rude in my country for two or more persons to start speaking another language if they are excluding another person. Specially if this done on purpose knowing beforehand the person in question doesn't speak the language   Sadly I got that done a lot in the Netherlands.  I knew I was being talked ill of, I tried to control myself that one time though, but what I really wanted to say was:  ''If you are so brave why don't you say it n my face in English?''. 
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    Trellum got a reaction from Saholy in How to teach an illiterate person in your target language   
    You might want to check the ''Naar Nederland'' course approach  The first 20 lessons are meant to teach an illiterate person the Dutch alphabet and its sounds. Yep, it's supposed to work for illiterate people speaking any kind o language, even Arabic.   They must learn this well, so they can pass their examination abroad, otherwise they can't make it to the Netherlands.   So it must work.   By the way, they always use Dutch always, so yeah, it's better to never use the student's mother language to explain anything, it's better to just start slow   Start with the basics and work with examples. 
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    Trellum got a reaction from anna3101 in Qué tal / qué hubo / qué pasa / qué onda   
    I'm from Mexico and over here expressions like ''Que hubo'' are rarely used by young people, or even middle aged people. The only person I know who sometimes uses this is an 89 year old woman    ''Que onda'' is losing the favor or young people, but is still used by some people.  ''Que tal'' is a bit better,  and can be used when you don't know a person so well.  ''Que pasa'' can be used as a simple question to ask what is going on, but also something as a very informal greeting used with people you know well.  
    Here in Mexico most of the times when we greet a friend we just say something like: Hola! Buenos dias/tardes/noches!  ¿cómo estás?  And then we kiss on the cheek.  That's it    That being said this is applied to Mexico, not sure about the other countries in latin America.   
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    Trellum got a reaction from Elimination in Peliculas!   
    Hahahaha, en serio!? Con razon!  Me he fijado que muchas veces las traducciones están muy mal hechas!  Errores básicos, aunque a veces la mayoría de los errores que podía encontrar era cuando trataban de traducir correctamente expreciones idiomaticas y el slang en general.  
    He visto casi todas esas peliculas, creo que me perdi ''la ley de Herodes''.   A mi tambien me gusta esa clase de peliculas mexicanas, las otras que quieren parecerse a las comedias romanticas de Hollywood no me gustan nadita!
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    Trellum got a reaction from anna3101 in Funny experiences   
    The first time I tried to practice Norwegian with a guy I was dating back then,  back when  I used to work and live in Norway.   I ended up saying something really embarrassing (I don't dare to say it here) , but thankfully he laughed it off and later explained me what I had just said.  So embarrassing, my face got red   Wish that was the only time, but I made a fool of myself so many times when I had just  started learning English and was learning it very actively (practicing). 
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    Trellum got a reaction from anna3101 in Common problems while learning Dutch?   
    Hehehe!  I wish my nightmares were as scary as yours   Yeah, today I went to the movies, watched ''By the sea'' they spoke French a lot in that movie.  I thought: ''Uhm, this is definitely doable! It all changes when you start to see everyday phrases used by the locals!  That makes a big difference, if only there were more Dutch films I could watch and actually enjoy, lol.  But yeah, once I start learning french and get good at it we can practice  
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    Trellum got a reaction from Mameha in Funny experiences   
    The first time I tried to practice Norwegian with a guy I was dating back then,  back when  I used to work and live in Norway.   I ended up saying something really embarrassing (I don't dare to say it here) , but thankfully he laughed it off and later explained me what I had just said.  So embarrassing, my face got red   Wish that was the only time, but I made a fool of myself so many times when I had just  started learning English and was learning it very actively (practicing). 
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    Trellum reacted to 宇崎ちゃん in Ik ben geslaagd!   
    Very well done on this one, but:
    1. "Dankjewel" may have no spaces.
    2. "Ik ben wel trots" (I am yes/probably proud) should be "Ik ben heel trots" (I am very proud).
    3. "Nederlands" should be with a capital N, all names in Dutch start with a capital letter, just like in English.
    4. The last sentence should be either "Ik ben zo blij dat ik het examen heb behaald" or "Ik ben zo blij, omdat ik geslaagd ben voor mijn examen".
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    Trellum reacted to Elimination in Peliculas!   
    Un compañero de mi ex en la universidad (estudiando Letras Inglesas) trabajaba para una empresa de traducciones de TV y cine. Mi ex dice que sabía inglés básico si bien le iba.

    A mi me gustan las peliculas de Luis Estrada. Son sátira dura y ácida de las realidades de la política y sociedad en México. Entre ellas, "El Infierno" (que el marketing vendió en su momento como "Scarface" mexicana), "La Dictadura Perfecta" y "La Ley de Herodes."
    También recomiendo "Amores Perros," la película que lanzó a Iñarritu a la prominencia... nuestros amigos internacionales a lo mejor lo conocen por "Revenant," "Babel," "Birdman" o "21 Grams."
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    Trellum got a reaction from anna3101 in Great quotes from great individuals from the past.   
    I totally love this one and I believe it to be 100%  true:
    “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of the infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.” 

    ― H.P. Lovecraft
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    Trellum reacted to anna3101 in How to evaluate your vocabulary size?   
    Ok, so I tried three tests, and here's what they say.
    1. http://my.vocabularysize.com
    This one is adapted to one's native language (by the way, I found numerous mistakes when it comes to Russian translation of the site, and it makes me wonder...)
    You are given a bunch of English words, and you must choose 1 correct Russian translation out of 4 definitions.
    This is a serious drawback when it comes to evaluating if you really know the words or not: some I wouldn't know how to use but I have heard them somewhere (or I know them from other languages), so it's easy to choose the correct definition.
    I got "You know at least 20 200 word families" as a result, which is a bit too high. Besides, I most definitely do not think that this is "better than 50% of the native speakers taking this test".
    2. http://testyourvocab.com
    Here you have a list of words where you just tick those that you really know. Probably this is more accurate, and I got my vocabulary size estimated to be about 17 400 words. Definitely more plausible. I also like the statistics you get after the test, and according to this site, native speakers have about 20 000 - 35 000 words in their vocabulary. Yes, I definitely like this site better!
    3. http://vocabulary.ugent.be
    This test shows you a range of real and fake English words, you must mark those that you know for sure to be real. I've first seen this testing method in Dialang (my favourite language testing software), and generally it works quite well.
    It says I know "69% of English words". I've heard English has more than a million words in it, so I'm guessing they mean I know about 69% of the most commonly used? So what, around 30 000? However much I'd like to believe that, I don't think it's true - or will ever be true in the course of this lifetime. Maybe in my next life, when I'm born as an English native speaker, I'll be able to use that many words... but certainly not now.
    All in all, I think site nr 2 - testyourvocab - gives the best results in terms of their truthfulness.
    Let me know if you find any other places on the web where people can test their vocabulary size. It was fun I'd like to try more tests!
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    Trellum reacted to anna3101 in Ik ben geslaagd!   
    Gefeliciteerd met het behalen voor je exam! Ik ben erg onder de indruk van jouw examenresultaten
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    Trellum got a reaction from Wanda Kaishin in Why someone wouldn't want to teach a language to a friend?   
    By teaching you mean really ''teaching'' or just having conversation with you in Spanish?  Because you should know that a friend doesn't have to teach you anything, I'm a former teacher and teaching  is a really hard work...   I spent a lot time preparing my lessons every single day, but I was getting paid.  So I don't think it's fair someone asks a friend to do that for them, some people don't mind this, but most do.  I think that she is  a bit afraid that by agreeing to teach you she will end up adding more work to her schedule, and if she ever feels like wanting out she might also be afraid you guys might have an argument.  
    If you want to learn Spanish do it on your own or go to a school.  If  you got any doubt or questinos regarding to the language I' sure your frend will be glad to hel you with that, but don't ask her to teach you the language.  That is a very daunting task  
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    Trellum got a reaction from anna3101 in Handwriting versus typing   
    I've noticed that by writing things it's easier for me to remember most words :)   I did this actually with my Memrise list, I first wrote down the words I was planing to add on a notebook (to avoid repeated words as much as possible), then copy them to a word file and that is how I did it    I can say this process helped me remember those words better, even better than using the Memrise course  
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    Trellum got a reaction from anna3101 in Common problems while learning Dutch?   
    Well, it sure looks like you have your whole language learning schedule so planned out    By the way, I felt the same way towards french, and that is why I never really felt so motivated to learn that language.  I found so many words that sounded so similar, then I thought meh.  But I will eventually go back to French   Best of luck with everything! 
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    Trellum got a reaction from OmniHead in Does Lupita Nyong'o have the right to call herself Latina?   
    How could we know if she ever did?   I mean, up until recently she wasn't even that well known, you know. I think  it says a lot the fact she consider herself Mexican.  To me that says loads, because there are many people out there that once they leave their country tend to forget their origins... I keep seeing that in Europe.  I don't agree with the Latin term though, but that is just me.  I prefer to refer to someone by their name, and if there is no other choice by nationality. 
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    Trellum got a reaction from Mameha in Most common names in your country   
    I'm from Mexico.... I'd say these are the most popular names:
    Maria Guadalupe
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    Trellum got a reaction from Mameha in Why someone wouldn't want to teach a language to a friend?   
    I'm sorry, I got a bit confused because you used the word ''teach'' instead of ''practice''    In that case I have no idea what could be crossing your friend's mind.  A friend once asked me to send him 5 new words every day with pronunciation, but he did it in a time in which I was super busy with my own exams D:  I got so stressed thinking about it,  maybe  your friend is also very busy right now? You should really ask her, if you are good friends she will surely understand  
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    Trellum reacted to anna3101 in Basisexamen Inburgering A1   
    @Trellum I've never taken this test and I don't plan to, but it was interesting to read about your experiences. And it sounds scary. I'm very nervous about various exams, tests, certifications and stuff like that. Probably that's one of the reasons why I try to avoid them whenever I can.
    Why did you take it, by the way? Is it necessary to pass it to live in the Netherlands? Or did you need it for other reasons?
    Next year I'll have to take an official Polish exam (I will try to get Polish citizenship and passing a language knowledge exam is one of the requirements). I already hate the very idea of that
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    Trellum reacted to anna3101 in Que musica en espanol te gustas?   
    Muchas gracias para tu gentileza y las canciones! Me gustan!
    Es bastante dificil decir cuanto tiempo estoy estudiando espanol porque siempre hago pausas. Estudio durante algunos meses, pues no hago nada durante un ano Son muy perezosa pero he apredido de vivir con esto. Ya no me reprocho a mi mismo por no estar una persona diligente. Studio cuando puedo y quiero hacerlo. Estos dias, trato de aprender espanol cado domingo. Tengo un manual de estudio que me gusta mucho. Es destinado para jovenes, e yo soy joven de corazon
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    Trellum got a reaction from OmniHead in duolingo.com vs spanishdict.com   
    What about Memrise?   I know a lot people find it tedious to create their own word lists, but they ignore that doing that actually helps them learn said words even faster.  I know it did help me, but it requires constant work   I'd never go back to Duolingo to ''learn'' a language ever... total waste of time.  Maybe if they used phrases that were more useful, and made more sense (maybe some context wouldn't hurt)  Duolingo wouldn't be so bad. 
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    Trellum got a reaction from anna3101 in K3   
    Awww, thanks for sharing, Anna   I love Belgian accent even more than Dutch one, the Dutch one sound so rough, but the Belgian is so nice   Wish I was moving to Belgium instead of the Netherlands, I think it would be easier for me to understand  people better over there, as well as pronouncing words better.  I've some trouble with some words that carry the ''ng'' combo, lol.   A friend of mine is Belgian, by the way, I might surprise him the next time we talk   I bet he doesn't expect me to talk Dutch to him! 
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    Trellum got a reaction from anna3101 in Why is so hard to find the right language exchange buddies?   
    Oh my good, same here, @anna3101 !!!  Well, I got contacted later on by more people on that site... a loooot, but you know what is the funny thing about it?  When I was finally contacted by someone... I sent a message to them there, some of them took ages to log back in and when they finally did they never replied   Some added me to their friend list, but never ever spoke to me, sometimes we'd hit it off and exchange a couple of message and suddenly they'd no longer log into the site.  Some Dutch people expected me to teach them Spanish!  I'd never ask anyone to teach me Dutch from scratch... not even my own fiance!  
    A girl said she'd prepare lessons for me,  I didn't want that, plus I haven't created lessons in a long time, and I could never accept such a deal unless I was ready to do the same. I was  teacher and to be honest disliked it, not sure I'd do it even if I was paid.  I just don't like to teach...   I have no problems if they ask me to translate whole phrases, or ask me grammar questions.  I'm a very trustworthy person and it's always good to have a language exchange buddy who is like that. My fiance is not very helpful when it comes to Dutch grammar   Hence I needed language exchange buddies.  I guess I should just get a good dutch grammar book, lol. 
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    Trellum got a reaction from OmniHead in Que musica en espanol te gustas?   
    Concuerdo contigo amigo,   a mi la verdad  ni la música en español ni la música en inglés modernas me gustan.  En mi opinión la escena musical actual es aun peor caundo hablamos de la musica en ingles, especialmente el mercado americano.  Es terrible, la misma musica reciclada una y otra vez... es dificil distinguir un artista de otro en la radio.  No es como en ls 90's   Antes los videos de musica eran sper originales, ya no mas.  Por eso tambien prefiero las viejitas   Que suerte haber crecido en los 90's! 
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    Trellum got a reaction from OmniHead in Que musica en espanol te gustas?   
    A mi no me gusta mucho que digamos la música en español, pero si llego  escuchar algo en español lo más seguro es que sea algo de ''Julieta Venegas'' o de algun otro artista de los 90's, ya que la música en español de hoy no me gusta mucho que digamos. A mi en lo personal me choca ''Belinda'', no me gusta nadita su música, siento lo mismo por otras bandas en español que aparecieron recientemente.

    Me gustan más bandas como ''miranda'', ''los estramboticos'', La oreja de van gogh, entre otros. 
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