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    Trellum reacted to lushlala in Is it for fun or is there a reason behind it?   
    At the moment i'm not learning any new languages. All I've ever wanted to learn is French, and then later on I also fell in love with  Italian. It wasn't  so much for fun, but really to learn the languages with a view to actually becoming near fluent.
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    Trellum got a reaction from lushlala in What's special about your language ?   
    My mother tongue is Spanish    I don't think my language is that special though,  the only thing that I can think of as being remotely special is the inverted question and exclamation marks: ¿¡   I guess our letter ''Ñ'' is also kinda cute and unique. A kid the other day asked me why I draw a mustache on the ''N'' letter, lol.  Plus Spanish is spoken in many countries, it's one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. I guess that counts  
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