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    limon got a reaction from Ariché in Specific Spanish slang   
    I think part of what makes some slang or curse words sound "dirtier" in a different country/dialect is that since they're new to you the connotations of the actual word are more obvious. I mean "asshole" is actually a pretty foul word if you stop to think about it, but it becomes commonplace and disappears into the associations you have from when you've heard and used it. A new word like "culero" makes you notice the root of it all anew.
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    limon got a reaction from czarina84 in Fish and Fishing Idioms in English   
    "Packed in like sardines" although very few people I know seem to eat tinned sardines, it's mostly tuna XD

    and one of my favorite English expressions;

    "a (pretty) kettle of fish" meaning a mess, an awkward situation, or complicated problem.
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