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  1. Though I have never taken upon me learning of new languages, I have a student of medical transcription where I had to learn lot of medical terms. The best way was to write the spelling and speak the word and reciting the meaning. You can memorize the new words like this, write the phonographic of the word in English and reciting the meaning of the word.

  2. No it has never happened to me. Probably the people who dream in some other language may the due to the subconscious mind excited about the new language. I believe one can dream in his mother tongue only. But as you people state it, it is surprising to me.

    Here is some more information on dreaming in other language.


    " I don't think so. Becoming bilingual doesn't happen overnight!

    Being bilingual is speaking two languages equally and dreaming in a language can happen even if we're just learning it. I think it's natural to actually dream in the languages we are learning especially when they have an impact on us. However if one has become bilingual one probably dreams in that language as well.


  3. it is odd that they are taking it out of the curriculum.  what's next to go, spelling?  after all, computers have spell checkers so why bother to learn spelling, right?  i'm being sarcastic.  i also learned cursive in elementary school and i thought it was interesting.  i doesn't have much utility though.

    Yes, the spellings will also go. There are already texting words like R for ARE and U for YOU, TXS for Thanks. These days, most of the work in office is done on computer so the writing itself has reduced except in schools where the teachers themselves have poor skill of English grammar.

  4. I know 3 Indian languages and 1 foreign language i.e. English. I know a bit of Urdu, can understand but cannot write or read it. For a man who has all the time like a man doing teaching job in language learning college, it is possible to learn multiple of languages because he can practice also with other teachers and students.

    But here is a person who can speak more than 36 languages fluently.

    "Now, I can read about three dozen languages and speak most of them fluently, and I've studied many more. The more of them you know, the more you see how inter-related they are."



  5. And you forgot EITHER and NEITHER. Well, English has funny rules about phonetics and spellings. But is BAT, CUT is KAT but PUT is PUT.

    I still cannot understand what the P has to do in Pneumonia or Pneumatic. Probably, G.B.Shaw can only answer. He once wrote an essay how the spelling should go along with sounds.

  6. Well it is like a forced love. There is no option in India, if you want a good job or want to pursue higher studies. I never learnt another foreign language and although the Indian language Sanskrit itself is rich and very ancient language, it has lost its grip on the Indians. There are number of institutes here in my own city teaching French and Germany, but i do not see great number of people there.

  7. I am from India and those years English was not considered such an important language. I think when I was in 9th standard, the English was taught as a language. The lessons were primary only, contained few words and making of simple sentences. It was in the college years, where English was medium of instructions, that I really started learning the language seriously. The higher educations books in India are all in English only and admittedly English become more important than even the national language Hindi.

  8. Late Princess Diana may have many things against her but she was never " gangsta" ( a reflection of crime and violent culture). But thanks to the Rihanna she brought them together. I mean, the pop singers should stick to their culture, the culture of taking down clothes and perform like porn stars on the stage. Do not drag bring good people as inspirations.

    "We're not sure how much the late Princess's style has really rubbed off on Rihanna though; we're pretty sure Diana never carried a penis-emblazoned clutch bag..........."

    Anyway, I learnt a new word " gangsta",thanks to lady Rihanna.


  9. I have to agree with you here. Hindi letter writing is vanishing away and the government is not taking any step to rejuvenate it. They are happy to let it fade away.

    That is because of the state of South India. They are still not ready to accept Hindi and since their grammar is entirely different from Aryan languages they do not like Hindi. As for govt, it cannot do much unless people themselves are in mood to accept the Hindi as an Indian national language.

  10. There is this some good saying in English, " Better late than never" which can be translated in Hindi as

    "देर आयद दुरुस्त आयद " but on state highway they would put another message " Kabhi nahi the deri bhali"

    Which is more correct?

  11. I would love for the entire world to speak one language.  Imagine how much easier that would make communication both in person and on the Internet.  I respect the beauty and intricacies of all languages but I value efficiency more.  Do you anticipate English becoming the world's language?  I wouldn't even mind if it was another language that became the world language.  I really think that everyone would benefit in the long run from speaking the same language.

    But it is already a language spoken in most countries of world and I assure you shall still have difficulty in understanding it because of the local accent that people brand. The English not only is spoken differently in different countries but even some local words would come to play. For example,

    what will you make of this. "Throw it in Kachara peti." ( Throw it in waste paper basket.)

  12. If possible, I would like to ask that you to read your comment and ask yourself "Is it fair to call all people fake because of where they live, just because of their culture?"

    Also, if what you describe above did happen to be the Brits way of using their language, then they have every right to do so. Brits speaking to Brits would clearly be aware of this way of conversing with each other and there would be no hidden meaning in it for them. I am sure other countries, cities and cultures have their own ways too. Some words means things to some and vice versa, mostly not on purpose.

    I have been to other countries where I get barged into in the street for example, and don't receive so much as a 'sorry'. This would be seen as absolutely disgustingly rude where I live, but as I am open minded and have some logic about me, I know that this is their culture and I have no right to storm into their country and tell them how to act, no slate them to death.

    I am open minded and am aware that what may seem strange to some is in fact normal to others and can see that they are not being intentionally hurtful.

    That must be India. Here people do not offer to say " sorry" unless you catch him by collar and demand it.

    But there is no system like this itself. People just push the people on the crowded roads and nobody bothers to look around who pushed him.

    I do not mind the British though, it must be their system in which they were brought up and in some countries people are brought up different way. I also admit that Americans carry the impression being very impolite and rude, I cannot say the reason.

    But here in India also, while parting with a visitor on road we will say " Come to my house someday, we shall have a cup of tea." and I assure we never intend to invite the visitor.

  13. I have a TATA sky DTH connection and they have a paid channel " Learn English". For some small fees each day they will put 5 new words before the viewers, speak them and show the pictures to explain the  meaning. The words are usually those which a person should come across when travelling in European countries. I think this is  much more better and cheaper than the learning on internet or classroom.

    What do you say?

  14. Isn't it Har kutte ka din ata hai or is my memory of old Hindi movies really sketchy?

    For the dogs, you should ask Dharmendraji. His famous dialogue " Kutte tere khoon pi jauanga"  and here is another idiom

    " Dhobi ka kutta, na ghata ka no ghar ka" to describe a man who is ignored by all.

  15. My best English teacher is not books or some school and college teacher but the HBO movies which displays the subtitles in English. I think, I learnt most the pronunciation of the words that people from different part of world speak especially the U.S. and British by seeing the HBO movies.

    What has been your best English teacher?

  16. And for the fools, we term them as Donkeys. Is there any proofs that are donkeys are fools? The donkeys are so hard working, certainly more than humans and never complaining. The cunning men are described as snake. But snakes do not cheat, they bite when encountered.

    I can imagine the animals themselves must be saying " he is a human" to describe someone fool or cunning in themselves.

  17. I am Indian and this thing happened me to even in India. Hindi, our national language is spoken different way with lot of local words confusing. For example, in Norther India, " KAKA" is the word to address a lovely small child but in Southern part of India, " KAKA" is word to address an elderly man.

    I just keep rolling the conversations, any way, I assure people forgive these things.

  18. Yes, those last sentences do need commas.

    The third sentence is a singular subject -- "a boy" -- and it's modified with that descriptive clause--  "along with two girls" -- so it takes a singular verb "is."  That way you have subject-verb agreement.

    Thanks for the correction. I, myself,Insist on correct construction of sentences, agreement of subject and verb.

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