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  1. In case you don't know, the second language in Morocco is French, we start learning it in the 3rd grade. i didn't learn French at school though, I learned it while playing an online video game and talking to other player. I wasn't really intrested in French, they say it's the language of love, but nah  :bored:.

  2. Hello,

    Sorry, I just notice that all new members introduce themselves even though it's not an obligation, so I thouhgt I sould stop by too and say hello.

    My name is Rachid, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Morocco. I speak Arabic, Berbere, French, English and some Spanish. I'm here to help people learn Arabic, expand my English vocabulary and learn more Spanish.

  3. Yeah but some people are more interested in the dialects that's why I posted it here. Also most universities teach either Egyptian/Levantine along with MSA (they usually use a popular book called "Al kitaab," which teaches MSA along with these two dialects ), so people who are studying formal Arabic may be interested in the dialects also.

    Yeah, I guess you're right, but add links to formal Arabic just in case, I'd personally recommend it. I just wanna make it easier for people to learn this language and explore our beautiful world by reading our books which are usually in formal Arabic.

  4. Haha Salaam Alaikum Joedirt!, No I don't speak Arabic fluently. I took it at university for four years but I'm no where near fluent. :P

    Walaikum Salam Meera (my name sounds so inappropriate -_- ) I'm surprised by your experience with Arabic. Trust me, you know too much for 4 years and you should be proud, there are people that have been living in the middle east for years and still don't know Arabic as much as you do with 4 years at a university :smile:

  5. I'm not sure this is a good idea, if people are going to learn Arabic, they better go for the official Arabic language which is spoken in the whole Arab word. These different accents and sub-languages (is this a word?) will only make it hard and confusing for them... Great links though  :smile:

  6. When I saw this thread I thought someone is asking for a normal game section to talk about videos games in different languages or something. This is a great and an interesting idea. Umm, I have an idea but I'm not sure it'll work. Crossword puzzle, but I'm not sure how :confused: I was thinking uploading an image but nah  :bored:

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