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    It depends on who I am texting to. If it's someone who is used to texting, then I tend to use abbreviations. If it's someone who is not familiar with textinglish, then I will text in full sentences. In some ways, textinglish or textspeak is useful. Some of the abbreviations are legitimate expressions in their own right. Take, for example, LOL. This is short and precise. Gets the meaning across with the minimum of effort. Definitely beats texting 'ha ha ha'.
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    Victor Leigh got a reaction from linguaholic in What's the most beautiful script?   
    I am sure all languages look beautiful to those who love the language. For me, the Arabic script is fascinating. It is so flexible and fluid. It can be written to form pictures, so beautifully.

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    Victor Leigh got a reaction from linguaholic in The first sentence that children learn in primary schools in your language   
    I have seen some interesting situations when I watch kindergarten children being taught English in Thailand. Just about every child is taught the daily greetings which ended up with everyone being able only to say "Good morning" since school starts in the morning. Then the next thing they learn is "How are you?" to which they learn to reply "Fine, thank you. And you?" This is repeated umpteen times until just about every child can do it without thinking. Unfortunately many do not progress any further than that. It's not unusual to meet university students who can fluently say those few phrases and then, that's it. Tha's all they can speak in English.
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