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    SpringBreeze got a reaction from Kaynil in ¿Qué comida te comes en Navidad?   
    ¿Qué comida te comes en Navidad? En mi familia, las fiestas de Navidad duran todo el día. Y hay un montón de comida para comer durante todo el día. Yo como el pollo, pavo, jamón al horno, patatas, tostones, maduros, pan, ensalada, pasta con queso, y otros favoritos. ¿Y tu?

    Por favor, no te preocupes por los errores. Esto es solamente algo divertido y delicioso que todos podemos hablar en español.
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    SpringBreeze got a reaction from czarina84 in Is it easy or hard to learn Spanish just from listening to people talk?   
    I think it is hard to learn any language that way. It's possible, but it's not really the best way. Learning a new language isn't just about being able to communicate, it's also about learning grammar, proper sentence structuring, legitimate vocabulary versus colloquial vocabulary, and etc. If you think about it, we speak differently than how we would write an essay for a teacher or a memo for work. Also we speak differently to our friends and family than how we would to our bosses.
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    SpringBreeze got a reaction from anna3101 in Do you watch telenovelas to learn Spanish?   
    Here's another update... Going on several months... I'm still watching telenovelas. Currently, I'm watching Te Voy a Ensenar a Querer and Gitanas. I watch them 5 times a week. So, that's about 10 hours of Spanish listening a week. Woohoo!!!

    I'm still really excited about having this opportunity. And better yet, I'm still really interested in watching them. I've seen a major improvement in my understanding of what is being said.
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    SpringBreeze got a reaction from anna3101 in Do you watch telenovelas to learn Spanish?   

    Hey everyone!!! I thought I'd write an update for this thread because I started watching telenovelas again. Woohoo!!!

    I fell upon a station by accident about a month ago that plays old Telemundo telenovelas, all day long. Sweet!!! And the best part, they are playing a telenovela I fell in love with years ago called Dame Chocolate with Carlos Ponce. I seriously never get tired of looking at him. They are also playing Madre Luna, another great drama. So, yah, I've been really happy lately

    The best part to all of this: I'm watching the two telenovelas without any caption or subtitles. And guess what, I'm understanding them. Woohoo!!! I'm soooo proud of myself.

    I read through some of the recent comments, and I have to agree that many of the telenovelas out there are really cheesy. I refuse to watch many of them because I don't like what I call "stupid comedies". The good thing is I like romance. And most telenovelas seem to revolve around crazy, super dramatic romances. Oh Well... Anyway, if you want to go this route, you have to do some searching and experimenting. Over the years, I've learned that Telemundo telenovelas are more my thing than the other Latin stations in the US.
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