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    Rosa got a reaction from czarina84 in What do you use for learning languages?   
    I use gramar books and dictionary mainly to practice learning language. My greatest result though, comes from writing and speaking the language. Somehow my brain seem to retain it better that way.
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    Rosa got a reaction from czarina84 in Movie Quotes/Phrases   
    The Italian Job happens to be one of my favorite movies. I particularly like the line which the daughter of the older guy that was killed by his traitor quoted to him, the traitor." I trust everyone, it's the devil inside them that I don't trust.
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    Rosa got a reaction from Carlyarn23 in Questions on paragraph organization   
    The only time I can recall doing any such thing was in school at the primary level. This was usually given to help students in learning how to create an essay. You would therefore have to find the sentence that best suit the topic and make that your number one sentence and then place the others in the correct order that would make sense.
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