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  1. It's ok for beginners that have no exposure to the language, but I would use romanji for hiragana practice. Only for the sole purpose of translating the English letters into hiragana. That was what my teacher did when I was first learning Japanese.

    Oh yea, I also did this. It helped master pronunciation and also paid that my native tongue's pronunciation is similar to Japanese.

  2. Hi guys,

    I intend to stop studying in a Japanese language school. Actually there's only the Advanced level left and I do not think the class will gain the minimum required number of students to start this semester. As a result, I am contemplating on enrolling in an online school. I want to practice conversation primarily, followed by grammar and writing.

    Would you have recommendations? Have you tried any? How was it?

    Appreciate your advice!  :wacky:

  3. For me it's really using polite Japanese. I am so used to casual Japanese that I forget to shift to polite! I don't use Japanese at work, but as I want to use it to earn money (perhaps via translation), this is truly becoming a challenge.

    Kanji is also difficult. There are just so many of them and sometimes words usually written in hiragana are kanji-nized (hahahaha)

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