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  1. Firs of all, wrong section to post the topic mate, this one is to introduce yourself.

    Anyone, I've learned English and some Hindi and Arabic. I knew Urdu by birth and later Punjabi too because it was the language of the place where I grew up.

  2. Hey! Thank you!

    Of course we can :D I'm currently fully concentrated on my Norwegian but it's always good to practice my dear French eheh

    That's great. I'd be glad to talk some french and learn some as well from you. As I know very little.

  3. I am learning French and movies are definitely a huge help. It's also really entertaining because you start learning a lot about French culture and even some idioms that textbook don't teach you. I love French culture, so watching french movies and reading french literature feels like cheating because I'm learning doing what I like and it doesn't feel like learning at all  :tongue:

    Can you name a few movies so I can watch them too, I'm very much interested in learning french too, I hope to find some good french movies with English subtitles.

  4. I think its also same with Urdu and Punjabi too, though I guess it will be present in all the languages as well, of course most of the words has to have a gender one way or another, but yes, it is more common in Urdu and Hindi as well as Punjabi languages.

  5. That does sound strange but I think that you can use it in that way. The proper or correct way would be to use "people from the age of 16 onwards"

    I agree that was bit strange, but Natasha corrected it well, I think this sounds correct now. It can be used with age but only how Natasha put it.

    Thanks for the correction Natasha

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