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    g2narat got a reaction from hades_leae in How do you correct someone's pronunciation politely?   
    I have a problem. My friend likes to try different languages, I like to teach him because he's such an eager student. The problem with that is that his pronunciation is all over the place. It's so tough to correct him because he gets so enthusiastic when speaking another language, not knowing people have a hard time understanding what he's saying because of his pronunciation. How do you deal with that?
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    g2narat got a reaction from innovativecat in My Indonesian friend isn't having a hard time learning Tagalog...   
    I guess it's understandable that neighboring countries learn each other's languages easily. A perfect example of this is my Indonesian friend who didn't take any formal classes to learn Tagalog. He's only been in the Philippines for a couple of months but he can already converse well. It helps that a lot of the Indonesian and Tagalog words are the same like anak, sukat, tali, sakit to name a few. Have you or a friend had a similar experience with a neighboring country?
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    g2narat got a reaction from linguaholic in Do you have words for "yes" and "no" in your language?   
    Oh! I actually thought that my native tongue (Filipino/Tagalog) was pretty straightforward when it comes to yes or no. Our direct translation for yes is "oo", and for no, it's "hindi".  However when you mentioned that in some languages it would depend on the specific question asked, I realized that we do have other words for yes or no. For example, when asking if someone has a pen, he/she could simply answer yes or no in English, but in Tagalog, the correct terms to use would be "meron" to say "yes" and "wala" to say "no" instead of oo/hindi. 
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