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    Lasonax got a reaction from Beautyfulbree in New Words Added to the Dictionary "Selfie," "Tweep,' "Hashtag" and More   
    I personally hate the fact that slang words are being put into the dictionary, simply because I find slang words to not belong there.

    I think that slang words should be kept as slang, and not be put into the dictionary. By putting them into the dictionary, they are basically allowing the usage of slang terms in somewhat more formal situations. Even if the world will have an informal/slang-y reputation, it will be allowed to use it in essays/school reports/etc.

    I know, they are simply putting new words into the dictionary, and they are adding words which a lot of people use. But personally I'm more for the controlled type of language where something needs to be more than just a popular word to be added to the dictionary. I suppose I am not very liberalistic when it comes to thigns such as these.

    The same phenomenon happens a lot in the swedish language, and there it is even worse if you ask me. A lot of words that has been brought here by immigrants are being added into the dictionary because they are used so much by youngsters around here. We do have a pretty high amount of immigrants, and it's not surprising that such words gets popular with youngsters, but I still do not like that they are added to the official dictionary. I just don't see any point with it. To a certain extent, I would prefer the language to control us, and not the other way around. We do of course need to change things every now and then to adapt to how people talk and everything, but addings slangs feels like a step too much, but I am certain many will disagree with me on that.

    I feel like I have repeated myself a dussin times now...
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    Lasonax got a reaction from JasleenKaur in Do you think there is a bad/stupid reason to learn a language?   
    Wow, I had never heard of such a phenomenon before: learning a language to earn money. I can't believe parents are teaching their kids chinease for that... Well, I would surely have been happy to have known Chinease from a young age no matter what reason my parents had for it, but that's just because I'm interested in asia today, kind of. Ugh, I can't believe people are thinking that it will make them earn more money...

    What the F***!? That's so cruel, taking up spots for people who want to learn just so that they can get an easy mark... I assume you don't have these "tests" in your country. Where I live, we can apply for a "test", where we basically don't go to class (you don't even have to go to that school or be part of the class regularely) and just take a huge exam, or a few smaller ones. I did that with English, and still got an A... So it's not hard to get an A through these tests, I wish you had the option to do those there. It's just... It does anger me that they also make it harder for you people who want to learn, but it's even more horrible that they're making other people unable to take the class just because they want easy marks 
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    Lasonax got a reaction from agentzero in Catsup vs. Ketchup   
    Is catsup an authentic word to replace Ketchup with? I thought it was just some joke that they made up to put in The Simpsons... I mean seriously, who can forget Mr Burns and his "catsup"?
    For a swedish person, catsup sounds a bit like swenglish. Cat = katt (eng) sup = supa = drink (alchohol, slang) (swedish)
    So it sounds like someone is refering to a cat who has been drinking alcohol. A cat-sup.
    catsup vs ketchup

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