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    Considering that I live in the U.S., I wish I knew more about free English learning opportunities in other countries.  If you have any colleges or universities near where you live, perhaps you could contact them to see if there are any students who are earning English teaching degrees because they often need to interact with English learners for their classes or if they have any other resources for English learners.  Or if any of those places have exchange programs with students from countries that speak English natively, maybe some of the students would be willing to become a conversation partner with him.

    Also, have him watch programs and movies with English audio.  He can watch the shows with subtitles to help out.  And if he likes to read, see if you can find any books written in English that he might like and are of a good level of difficulty.  It doesn't have to be fine literature--anything of interest or use to him is good.  Comics, magazines, cookbooks, newspapers, and whatever else are good.  People often neglect writing in their language studies, but writing is helpful, too.  Keeping a journal or a blog can help him practice his skills.  Really, practice, practice, practice is what it boils down to in the end.

    Of course, seeing that you both want to earn your CDLs, make certain that he learns what will be beneficial for this line of work.  He may even feel more at ease focusing on this at first, too--it's certainly best for him not to over-extend himself.

    I'm actually earning an MA in TESOL, so while I'm definitely still learning about teaching others English, I'm hoping I can be of some help.
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