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  1. This is so interesting, thanks for sharing. The one I was really surprised by was dude. I honestly never have thought about where that word came from but I guess now I have the answer. Although, I guess the meaning has slightly changed these days from what they were used for back in the day, but it still seems somewhat similar in some ways.

    Yes, some of the words did retain their meaning. It is just funny how I thought using words like dude made me feel young and hip because the word sounds very modern. But, it was not at all.

    It just shows how language is alive and is forever evolving to cater to our needs.

  2. I never even knew that those words existed. I don't really know any new Tagalog words, but "pook-sapot" sounds ridiculous. It's like they literally translated it and it did not turn out nice at all, similar to Google Translate doing very literal translations. Anyway, here's a link that can add to your list of unheard of Tagalog words: www.filipiknow.net/rare-tagalog-words/

    That is the link where I found the Tagalog words.

    I am amused that someone is coming up with Tagalog words for new ideas or technologies to keep up with the current times. But, I have to agree that pook-sapot sounds ridiculous. Even some of the other words are a little bit weird. I do not know if I am just used to hearing the words in English. But, I think I will still be using the English counterpart.

  3. I think graphic novels are definitely worth your reading time. Why should it not? Its only difference from your regular books is that it has illustrations. Both a book with only written words and a graphic novel tell a story. And, I think the ability of conveying a story to the reader is the important question.

    I actually admire graphic novels because I can only imagine the amount of work inputted to create a story. A person needs to create the story while another person creates the dialog. Some people sketch the artwork, other people create the line art and a different person colors the panels. If I could be honest, I think it is a different type of art form that I truly respect. Not only can my mind feast on the story written in the dialogs, my eyes can also enjoy from the beautiful artwork created by the artists.

    Don't get me wrong, I also salute those who writes novels. Putting a world with just using words is also hard work.

  4. The quiz is actually a little challenging in its simplicity. I had to reread some of the questions because it seems like both choices are correct. Kudos to you! I liked it very much. Also, I never knew that something like that can be added to a blog post.

    Hope you create more quizzes.

    By the way, I am glad to say that I got a perfect score.

  5. Yes, I too have tried Duolingo. And I too agree that it is great for beginners.

    I was learning French using their Android application. What I liked about it is that it taught me French through questions and not by just pure memorization. This way I better remember the words at every stage. And what is great about Duolingo is that they integrate the words you have previously learned to the new word they are teaching you. This way they could check if you recall previously taught words and if you have retained the knowledge.

    Also, the application has great User Interface.

    Lastly, it is free!

  6. What made you want to learn to speak Korean and when did you become interesting in learn. How long have you been working on mastering this language.

    My desire to learn Korean started when I got hooked on watching Koream drama. I wanted to learn because I dislike reading subtitles. It distracts me.

    I just started learning Hangeul a couple of days ago. I hope I can construct sentences in the coming months.

  7. Hello, my name is Elaine.

    I am born, raised and currently living in the Philippines. I just joined linguaholic yesterday and I just thought I want to introduce myself to fellow language enthusiasts.

    I am currently trying to learn Korean language. My desire to study Korean started when I got hooked on watching Korean drama.

    Nice to meet you all!

    By the way, if you want to learn Filipino, you can just message me.

  8. I am guilty of using loan words when speaking in Tagalog. I do not bother checking the dictionary if there is a Tagalog equivalent to the word I am going to use. I just use loan words because everybody else can still understand what I am trying to convey.

    Anyway, I found a list of words that are added to the Tagalog dictionary. Here are some of the words:

    - pantablay

      This translates to charger.

    - sulatroniko

      This translates to e-mail.

    - pook-sapot

      This translates to website.

    Do you know any new Tagalog words?

  9. I've just stumbled across this:


    It looks pretty fun and actually helpful (it's suprisingly difficult to find a good hangul reading tutorial, let alone one that doesn't make it look like an impossible nightmare), I might try it later :P

    Thank you for this link!

    It seems to be an easy way to learn Hangeul. Also, it is in comic form, which is very entertaining. Who would have thought learning Hangeul will only take a couple of comic strip panels. Now, I will just memorize the characters.

  10. I have been interested in trying to learn Korean for quite some time. However, I cannot seem to find a good Android application that teaches Hangul and sentence construction at the same time. As of now, I only have an android application that teaches Hangul. Learning Hangul is great but I would like to apply what I have learned in Hangul.

    Does anyone here know any good language application? Also, does it have an offline mode? Lastly, does it teach Korean?

    If there are no android applications, do you know any good web application?

    Thank you!

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