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  1. Generally I like an accent which is easy to listen or clear so that it will be easy to understand. I think I like the British accent since it sounds kind of unique for me. I have watched movies with this accent and fun to listen to it.
  2. I would say that the language I like the most is English. Simply because I can use it to communicate to almost anyone and use it on various online sites. I do not think that there is a language that I least like or I do not like at all.
  3. This topic reminds me of the "Break a Leg" episode/show in the Hana Montana if my memory does not failed me yet. I am also familiar with that Bazinga and Elvis has left the building. Nice since it can bring back memories of classic shows.
  4. I would say yes. Even we do not try to learn a lot of common words, it seems not a problem. Because majority on the place can understand and at least speak common English words that makes the conversational easier.
  5. I am not familiar with this site. I might search about it online since it sounds an interesting site to visit regarding languages. I hope I can easily search memorise official website.
  6. There could be various reasons like they might be shy to express themselves or lack of ideas. Maybe try doing some workshops or activities to make them feel relaxed on writing. They could also write about topics that they are most comfortable with.
  7. Although sounds elementary it could be useful. Some have good pictographic memories and they might learn new words easier when associated with words. It could be a method that might be helpful for some if not for all.
  8. I have read about this online tutoring jobs on some freelancing sites. But I have not tried applying on those kind of jobs since I am not good on teaching others. I also do not think that they would accept a non Native English speakers for such positions.
  9. I have tried using Google translate before for some words and it usually do well on those. But not if I would be using the site for translating phrases especially for long sentences. It seems that it only translated per word and cannot fully translate a full sentence with its original meaning. Not just sure if this is true for all the languages.
  10. I have watched some of those YouTube videos regarding language courses. But I have not really tried to learn a language with those videos, I just got curious sometimes to watch some. Also some are very entertaining or done to attract more video views.
  11. Definitely, teachers or language instructors are very important in learning a new language. They can create a specific program or have a lesson plan based on a person's ability to learn the language. They are also using other tools and approaches to make it easier to learn.
  12. I also like the "Blessing in Disguise" cause there are just things that we thought are not too good but just saving us from the worst. Some other idioms that I really like are "action speaks louder than words, barking at the wrong tree, bread and butter and cross the bridge when you get there".
  13. I used to read classic books when I was in collage cause there were subjects that require classics reading. Some of those classics that I can still remember and I think these are good to read include Odyssey by Homer, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett and Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe.
  14. If getting a tutor for him is a good idea for him, maybe try to get him one English tutor. I agree that better to expose him to the language as much as possible like talking to him in English. Practice will eventually make him pick up more English words.
  15. Well, aside from the "Hasta La Vista Baby" in Terminator movies, I do have other favorite quotes. "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get" - Forrest Gump "It is not our abilities that show what we truly are… it is our choices" - Dumbledore, from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets "After a while, you learn to ignore the names people call you and just trust who you are" - from Shrek
  16. I think it is hard to learn Japanese by yourself but it is not impossible. You would be needing learning materials not just a dictionary or translator apps. Those materials like tutorial videos and learning books.
  17. There are really times that it is hard not to include any English word when talking or completing a sentence. It is mainly since those have no Filipino equivalent or harder to say in Filipino. Just like mall, escalator, elevator, fast foods and other scientific words.
  18. I agree that this was one of the lessons we have in grade school. Agree that some are neglecting the proper use of these two words cause there are almost sounds alike. Your explanation is right and should be given importance.
  19. I am not familiar with the Goodreads website. But by just reading your description about it, it sounds like a very informative site. It is a good source for those who are looking for certain kind of books or to those book lovers.
  20. I will use language learning apps since these are easy to acquire and there are options. but if ask if between the two, which one is more effective for me, I would say the real life teacher. The proper pronunciation can be more emphasized.
  21. I think it is quite necessary to learn some common words or phrases of the countries you will going to visit. Those words like where is the market, thank you, hello, welcome and how much is this?. Some words can also be easily learned too by asking the locals there who understand English.
  22. Nice to know of those expressions here and I agree that it is sometimes if not often hard to get the exact meaning of those idiomatic expressions. Specially if it is a foreign language you are currently just starting to learn the basics.
  23. It is right that some horror movies are stories written in the books first. As well as other famous movies like Forrest Gump, Casino Royale and Die Hard. It is hard to tell movies from books that are not known or not famous and interesting to know some of that here.
  24. I sometimes read those kind of books since I am aware that those can be really helpful. Specially if the subject is really complicated or not that easy to understand. But there are also times that I just like to figure things out of myself which can also enhance the ability to analyze things better.
  25. I used to watched lots of Japanese anime when I was younger. I would say that I have learned some words from those shows through reading the subtitles. But I usually do not give much attention on it cause I am more into what was happening in the story.
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