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    I have finally figured it out! Now that I've figured it out, I'd like to share what is so important about "its" and "it's". For the longest time, I couldn't figure out if "It's" should also be used as a possessive word. For examle: Erica's hair/the book's pages. Thanks to studying for an upcoming test, I've finally figured out that "It's" is only used as a conjugation like "It is" and is not a possessive word. I wanted to share for those who might also be very confused about this since it's eluded me for so long.
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    OddVisions got a reaction from Litnax in Rosetta Stone   
    I don't really trust Rosetta Stone. I know others whom have tried it and they said that when it comes to speaking on a conversational level, it made them sound rather silly to the native party. I've gotten this reply from more than one person. I've found that most free tapes and listening to actual conversation as well as free language lessons on YouTube are some of the best courses of action as an alternative to paying for Rosetta Stone.

      In addition, I think Rosetta Stone charges too much for what little it can teach you. However, that's mainly my personal opinion on the matter. If you feel that the product is helping you to improve then you should use it. If not, there are other means of learning a foreign language.
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