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    lushlala got a reaction from Valeria in What's your favourite word in a language that isn't your native one?   
    Ooh too many to mention! I like word in Italian with the 'zz' sound, as in
    ragazzi- boys
    ragazze- girls
    Piazza- public square
    Pizza- pizza
    canzonetta- small musical piece
    I also like the diminutive derivatives like for piccolo- little/ piccolino- little one
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    lushlala reacted to Lingua Franca in Spanish, French or Italian?   
    i think that the only person that can make that decision is you. It's all good and well saying that one language is more important or more useful then another but if you are in a classroom wishing that you had picked another language, it's going to make learning it all that much harder.
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    lushlala got a reaction from Countryhalli in For beginners: "What language should I learn"? "What is the easiest one"? (NOT MY QUESTION!)   
    I grew up speaking English and because English is the official language of Botswana, it's very widely spoken here. But I absolutely agree with what you're saying. While English may be relatively easy for native speakers and those who speak it fluently, I don't believe it would be very easy to learn from scratch as an adult for the very reasons that you cited, such as the rules not always applying and the pronunciation of words not always making phonetic sense. Even having spoken English all my life, I found I was always picking about new things when I went to live in England, always unlearning some bad habits I learnt from some of my past English teachers. I've even had this conversation with my English husband, and he agrees that English language rules don't always make sense. I mean, even native speakers don't always observe set rules and regulations, and the fact that there are so many different regional dialects doesn't help. I wouldn't like to be learning English now, as an adult LOL
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    lushlala got a reaction from Cyrup in Spanish, French or Italian?   
    You're most welcome, Cyrup.....I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we were all more than happy to chip in  I do hope it goes some way to helping you with your decision. Something tells me whatever you do, you'll be just fine. I totally agree with carrying on with French for a while, seeing as you've already started with that. But in all honesty, you should be fine because I've heard French and Spanish have some similarities. I can't say to what degree that's true because I've never tried to learn Spanish. I have to say someone told me Italian and French were similar, but I still not that convinced. I wish you the very best of luck, whichever way you take it, I'm sure you'll soar
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    lushlala reacted to lingvo in Enrolling in a Class or Studying on Your Own   
    A language camp is the ideal environment to learn your target language in an efficient manner, but they are rather expensive. Learning on your own has the benefit in allowing you to advance further in your study without boundaries, but people have limitations, therefore you should be aware that you'll hit a milestone where you'll need some tutoring help. 
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    lushlala reacted to gracerph in Language Games   
    Thank you so much for sharing the site @Lingua Franca! I also tried checking it out and I'm actually very happy to find my native language as one of the languages played there. Sad to say that my flash player is not yet updated though so I haven't been able to open any game yet. Just like @lushlala, I'm definitely bookmarking the site.
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    lushlala reacted to Cyrup in Spanish, French or Italian?   
    Thanks everyone for the responses! Haha yeah, I felt a little awkward asking what language to learn at first @lushlala, (it's such an open ended question). 
    I am considering doing French for the rest of the week and then maybe trying out Spanish for a little while. In the end,  yes it does come down to what I would enjoy learning the most, otherwise I will struggle to learn. I'm a bit hesitant to try Spanish as I have been learning French a little already, but I don't think I can rule it out until I've tried it!
    I think I will enquire with some colleagues also as to how useful Spanish with would be in game the games development industry. 
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    lushlala got a reaction from Cyrup in Spanish, French or Italian?   
    Wow, @Cyrup you have quite a decision on your hands! The poll is also very neck and neck, so that presents you with quite the dilemma. Julian sums it up how I would have addressed it, he really took the words out of my mouth. For me personally, Italian is the most beautiful language of the lot. But of course, that's subjective and the next person may think differently. In terms of userbility and the language that's likely to advance you in the work place, then definitely Spanish would be my number choice, followed by French. I'm sure you'll receive many varying answers based on each person's own biases. Of course the final decision lies entirely with you and I sure hope the responses here will help you in making your choice.
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    lushlala got a reaction from John Snort in Always Carry a Dictionary?   
    No, I don't carry a dictionary with me anymore. I used to back carry my French/English one when I was in university, but only when I was going for my lessons. If I were learning now, I doubt very much I would because of advances in modern technology. I've never looked into it, but I remember being in college in England where we had a lot of Chinese students who were there to learn English. They never carried these bog standard dictionaries, and always seemed in  possession of all these sleek, cute, digital devices of all types! -and this was about 7 years ago! So i'd be looking to get my hands on stuff like that.
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    lushlala got a reaction from gracerph in Enrolling in a Class or Studying on Your Own   
    @gracer....I find I like the traditional classroom setup as my main way of learning, and then using other bits and bobs on the side to enhance my learning process. I like learning with others and having the guidance of a teacher. The interaction with other learners is also important to me because it spurs me on. I like to gauge my progress against my classmates, but don't necessarily let it pile the pressure on. It's just nice to have some sort of reference point, a gauge and a support network through which to speed up my learning process. For me, having a teacher is also good because they can easily identify where I'm flagging and guide me along the right path. No matter what method I employ to learn a foreign language, I will always want to be part of a class for those reasons.
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    lushlala reacted to VinayaSpeaks in Language learning and intelligence   
    A person excels in math does mean he will also excel in science. math and science are different subject and need different level of intelligence. Likewise, a class topper may be be able to excel in language class. You need different level of intelligence to master a new language. Your interest and dedication also matters on how fast you can learn the language.
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    lushlala reacted to djlearns in Language learning and intelligence   
    Well, I have an iq of 170 and i am a natural at taking standardized tests and scoring in the high 90th percentiles. However, I have tried to learn 3 languages so far (mainly because I thought I was a genius), and have so far only been able to learn Russian. I mean I know a little French, enough to start a conversation. I know a little German as well. But, nothing more than that.
    However, now I am learning mandarin, because its important to my work. And I can tell you that I am learning it really quickly. The reason is that I am under pressure from my manager to learn within 3 months so he can send me to HK and then to the mainland.
    So, I would say, more than intelligence, its the "need" to learn that really helps one learn a language. Intelligence matters, but hard work trumps intelligence.
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    lushlala reacted to hades_leae in Language learning and intelligence   
    I don't personally think it really matters, if you have the will to learn then you can learn. I was not a straight a,b, or c student in school and I managed to learn Spanish, plus out side of school I started studying French and I love where I am so far with the language and I never finished school.
    Intelligence doesn't matter, people just need to be able to communicate in the language, and that's different from learning how to be an engineer, or mathematician. 
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    lushlala reacted to John Snort in Language learning and intelligence   
    I lived abroad for a number of years and what I noticed was that regardless of one's IQ, the people who learned new languages are those who had an interest in learning the local language. If you had little interest in a language then you wouldn't learn it as fast as someone who was actively seeking to learn more from the native speakers of the language. That I believe is what does make a difference.

    p.s If kids can learn any language pretty fast, then anyone can learn any language whether they are intelligent or not. Writing however would be a whole different beast.
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    lushlala reacted to sidney in Language learning and intelligence   
    I think interest counts more than intelligence when it comes to learning a new language, because even if you're intelligent, if you're not interested, then you won't learn anything. Of course, you also have to be determined and persistent to be able to be fluent in the language of your choice, aside from being interested in it.
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    lushlala reacted to Mereloshn in Language learning and intelligence   
    I think having high intelligence is definitely an advantage when learning a language but in my experience it's being able to use the language that truly makes it stick so even if you have high intelligence you won't be able to keep a new language if you don't constantly practice and use it.  Learning a language requires a lot of effort, determination and memory and it requires you to use the language regularly to master it.  Those are all important to learn a language but intelligence alone can't achieve those things.  Like you said, you also need the passion and drive to learn and use the language and that's more important. 
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    lushlala reacted to Julian in What Do You Enjoy Most About Language Learning?   
    The progression. The fact that I'm more and more able to speak and communicate in that language is an awesome feeling. It makes me want to learn more of the important languages so that I'll never have a problem with translating anything or with travelling. Of course, it's also nice to impress people with your knowledge of languages, even though I'm not even close to reaching that point yet.
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    lushlala got a reaction from Lingua Franca in Language Games   
    Wow, thanks a lot for that, Lingua Franca.....this looks like a neat little site! I just had a quick look and they cover 80 languages, including French and Italian, which are the two I'd be interested in. I also like that they cover so many different areas. I'm definitely bookmarking this one. I tried to sample the Italian fruit and veg game, but for some reason, it didn't work  But I'll keep trying, for sure.
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    lushlala reacted to Julian in Spanish, French or Italian?   
    If I had to choose only one, I would go with Spanish. Not because it's the most beautiful language, but the most important out of the bunch. Not only does the entirety of South America excluding Brazil speak it, but it's also pretty much the only language they speak. They don't really seem to care to learn English from my experience, making it even more important to learn Spanish. 
    I would say Italian is the most beautiful language, but not as important as French, which is more widely spoken while still being a nice language.
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    lushlala reacted to 17emilyhalko in For beginners: "What language should I learn"? "What is the easiest one"? (NOT MY QUESTION!)   
    If you want to learn a language, then don't learn English! Most of my language teachers have told me that English is one of the hardest languages to learn, because the rules don't make sense in English. The pronunciation is, for the most part, memorization, because many of our words aren't phonetic. Also, our rules in English are silly sometimes and don't always apply. Older English made more sense in some regards, like with the personal and impersonal you, which was "thou" and "thee." Today, we still use a personal and impersonal he/him and I/me, so it makes no sense that the personal and impersonal you is the same. For example,
    "He went to the store." is very different from "I saw him go to the store" because the person doing the action in each sentence changes!
    In modern English, "You went to the store" and "I saw you go to the store" are also two very different sentences because the person doing the action changes, though the "you" doesn't change, whereas it used to in old Enligsh, based on who the subject of the sentence was.
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    lushlala reacted to 宇崎ちゃん in For beginners: "What language should I learn"? "What is the easiest one"? (NOT MY QUESTION!)   
    Since way too many people failed to understand the purpose of this topic, I have edited the first post with a very clear notice at the beginning.
    People who still fail to understand it should buy me some cake from now on.
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    lushlala reacted to flovo in For beginners: "What language should I learn"? "What is the easiest one"? (NOT MY QUESTION!)   
    As a language teacher I have to disagree.
    ( I teach German, French and English)
    I`m talking about Switzerland in the following and of course there are exceptions to my statements:
    French natives hate learning German more than anything else.
    Swiss-German natives hate learning French more than anything else.
    But now and then there are students that like that language and what I observed is:
    Even if a French native loves German, his level of proficiency in German is lower,than that of a German native that hates French in French.
    And that`s not because I teach French better or anything. TheGerman language is just not as regular and grammatically more complicated.
    What do you think about that?
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    lushlala reacted to Lingua Franca in Language Games   
    Here is a site the games are very simple and the graphics aren't out of this world but it will give you an idea of how they function.
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    lushlala reacted to gracerph in Enrolling in a Class or Studying on Your Own   
    Hello everyone!
    I find classroom learning to be effective in helping me learn a language because there is a constructive teaching plan that is formulated by teachers and everything about the language is tackled. Just like in regular schools though, there are also levels that have to be completed in order for me to fully learn the language. I'm happy with the end results though because at the end of each language course, I not only have learned a new language, but I also receive certification as proof of my learning.
    Aside from the formal classroom learning, I also make it a point that I do some further studying on my own when I'm at home. It may not be considered as studying, but I find watching films and shows regarding the language I'm learning as a helpful tool in my language absorption.
    How about you guys, how do you prefer your language study, in a classroom setting or in an informal way such as studying it on your own?
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    lushlala reacted to Baburra in What language learning techniques/tools would you suggest that are not internet based?   
    I think the most effective way is different for everyone so you may just have to try everything you find and find one that works for you. I personally found that the easiest way for me to learn is just by getting a teacher that will really pressure me into learning as well as explaining each and every little detail that I have to learn. There may be a little extra help gained by reading comic books or watching movies with subtitles but for me the bulk of my learning really came from having a teacher. 
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