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    I'd say one way is to capture the attention of your students. Don't make the learning process boring, otherwise, students will not look forward to it. Maybe you can show a movie to them or something similar every month. As for lessons, let your students have writing assignments. Just give them a topic their writing should be around, and let them choose the actual topic. For example, let them write anything related to hobbies. I can then write about multiple things, why hobbies are important, what are various hobbies, etc.. 
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    What you can try and do is simply listen to a movie in your target language, without any subtitles. You then write down what you hear, thus, you're training you listening skills. Afterwards, try reading it out loud and try to find the difference between the way you hear it on the movie and the way you say it yourself. As time goes on, you'll get somewhat better and will improve.
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    That is true. I didn't really realize how bad my answer actually sounded, I apologize. The only reasoning behind it was that I knew an actual deaf person and he never expressed himself a lot. Despite him knowing sign language. I thought that was the the general idea for everyone. Nonetheless, it's true. People should be able to express themselves eloquently, regardless of capabilities, and sometimes, various languages might be needed due to differences in believes, cultures, and customs.
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