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    Aioga got a reaction from lushlala in Speaking a foreign language in your own accent: Right or Wrong?   
    I think it's kind of rude if you don't even TRY to speak a language with the proper accent. It's fine if you are just learning a language, and you haven't mastered it yet, or you have trouble making the sounds or whatever, that's understandable. But I think it's always right to try your best
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    Aioga got a reaction from Wanda Kaishin in What do you think of those learning 5 languages at once?   
    I say if you want to do it, and think you have the time, then go for it! I am currently studying 4 languages, although I started hem all at different times, so I'm at different levels in them all. I will most likely add a fifth (and sixth, and seventh ) at some time in the future, as the mood strikes me. But since I just added the fourth one very recently, it will probably be at least several months to a year before I add another....
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