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    A quick backstory about me: I'm double majoring in both linguistics and genetics and have taken several languages in college. When I was looking for a research professor to work with for genetics, I was having a lot of trouble because of my lack of work experience and available time. I finally met with a professor who said that my unique combination of majors might be perfect for a job he had. In the end, I got the job, and I think a large part of that was because I had learned a fair share of languages--something my fellow STEM majors don't really tend to focus on.
    My job is largely just data curation (I go through publications and sort through information for a database) but we have a couple side projects where my languages come in handy. Sometimes I have to go through really old microbiological publications (often in French or Russian) and do my best to pick information out of there. Sometimes the publications are in Chinese and I need to sort through those.
    This isn't a full-time job but it's still really exciting to me that I can combine my science degree and my language minors (which is something I didn't think I'd be able to do)!
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