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  1. If you have doubts, question etc you can pm me anytime
  2. I noticed that you are studing Italian! If you need help feel free to ask me everything you want maybe in PM And welcome here!
  3. Actually i normally eat at 19,30 but some people has dinner at 18.oo too (i think in north) and someone after 21.00. Some saturday i had dinner even at 22.00/23.00 because i was out with my friends Anyway yeah, it is surely personal and it depends of jobs, other stuffs to do etc but it's a good thing to organize the day systematically like this.
  4. In my personal opinion i would be more comfortable with someone that speaks as me xD but it's not the only factor, i think that there is an high chance for 2 strangers to feel at ease if they have the same tastes, speak at the same way etc. but obviously there are a lot of exceptions Some months ago i was reading an article about couples that after some time together (months, years) start to use their own language, inventing/mixing words etc, this happened even to me but i think that it's normal and almost all are like this But i was thinking that this would be very interesting if it h
  5. I really like you how your day is set! Doing this everyday should really improve your skills in the language you are learning....i should do it, thank you for sharing PS. Omg, you have dinner at 17.30.... at 17 i normally eat a snack, than i have dinner at 19.30/20
  6. Maybe the fact is that a game is suppost to be "funny", interesting, pleasant, so you learn the language better remembering the things you do in the game! In my opinion and experience it makes sense.
  7. I was on facebook and i saw this video: Fortunately i understood most of what they were talking about, and it was even funny. Do you have similar videos or can explain other differences? thank you!
  8. I think people can learn a language for necessity or for love, but i'm sure that if you must learn a language and you even love it, you will learn it faster (and sometimes better) then if you don't love it
  9. Lol, when i want to laugh, that is the best way :D I try to translate some Chinese phrases with commons engines and i have a lot of fan actually. Anyway @OmniHead thank you for sharing those links! really really helpful, it's what i was searching for since it's impossible to translate perfectly something, but this is better than nothing and it's not awkard.
  10. It's totally like this. If it wasn't for me playing videogames when i was younger, i wouldn't speak english like this. Not only i play videogames with setting the language in English (even because often Italian is not available), but even speaking with people in English in online videogames helped me a lot! Sometimes i try to speak Spanish too with Spanish people. I even tryed to set a game in Korean to learn to recognize the alphabet and get used to read it, when in the future i will learn Chinese characters better i will do it even with this language
  11. Everyone knows that learning a language requires a lot of time, depending by the way of learning, personal skills, etc. But what is the part of a language that is more boring to you, and what is the part that you find more interesting? For example, personally i really hate when it comes to learn lists of words like every name of foods, object in the house, in the street, things like this. I have to say too that everytime i find "*nameoflanguage* lesson" on google i find first the usual things like "how to say hello, good morning, good night" or "how to ask road directions" and stuffs like
  12. Hola a todos! Yo estoy escribiendo desde Italia. Mis idioma es realmente similar a el español entonces es màs fàcil para mi aprender esta idioma. Creo que esta es la primera vez que estoy escribiendo una frase asì larga. Espero que alguien pueda ayudarme y corregir mis errores. Escribir en el forum es realmente util!
  13. In this case you can do these things: Move to a bigger place/city where there may be norwegian teachers, or if you don't have this possibility you should try to find some teachers online through skype or other programs like this..:) You can maybe start to learn the language by yourself but if you want to learn it seriously you should meet a teacher
  14. @Blaveloper Yeah i know Japanese ppl use a lot of english words but they transform the lecter in something similar to the Japanese pronunciation like as you said Forum--->Fooramu. I was wondering about languages wich mix english (autentic) words with them in a phrase, like the example of Dutch that you made I noticed Tagalog doing this because i watch a lot of video so i read comments It's just something new to me because in Italy we don't use to mix our language with english that much. The only words that we use are the ones that are not translatable or that maybe sounds better in englis
  15. @takibari I really, really love the fact that your language is mixed with english in this way actually, i don't know if other languages do this, but i've never heard about a language that mix english with it like Tagalog!
  16. I can imagine, since i am really susceptible...i coldn't have stand this situation probabily! at least you learned and i bet that now your pronunciation is better! Bad experiences are useful lessons many times.
  17. Oh my god, this must have been a very awkward experience....if i was in you, i would have been so embarassed actually!
  18. @Blaveloper yeah it's exactly like this ahah!
  19. I researched on the internet Tagalog alphabet and a lot of words are (obviously) really almost the same of spanish! It would be really useful if in the future if i will be interested in tagalog (Italian and spanish are similar too) i noticed even in comments on youtube (since i watch a lot of videos of Philipino people singing, very talented! like the singer i told you last time) that very often they mix tagalog writing and english writing, i mean in a sentence there are tagalog and english almost always! i found it really interesting actually
  20. Ty for the explanation! I really love to see what kind of alphabet some languages use, to me it's a beautiful system of writing and since i use only latin words i find interesting and "out of ordinary" to read other alphabets Anyway i really liked the story of tagalog! It's a pity anyway that your alphabet is kinda "lost"
  21. Yeah similar words with different meaning are one of the most cause of experiences like this xD I have to add the fact that sometimes i risk to answer in english or other languages to some friends (italians) because maybe the hour before a trained hard talking in english (or another language i study). This would be really weird and awkward actually to answer in another language to common people like this...
  22. @takibari I have a question, i'm really ignorant about this: if there is a way to write in Tagalog (like Chinese's chacacter, katakana/hiragana/kanji in Japanese, Hangoul in korean) why i never see Philipino write with it? I see you only write in Latin alphabet? (instead chinese, japanese etc write almost always in their alphabet). I don't know if this is a stupid questione but i know really not much about Tagalog!
  23. Study a language requires a lot of practice at home like writing, reading and training pronunciation. Have you ever had some funny experiences about this, or did you ever do a poor figure with someone? For example the other day i was cleaning my room, my mom entered to help me and she found a pair of sheets of my notebook that were written in Korean (with explanations of the meaning) in where i wrote the alphabet and its rules. She was just like this---> because she didn't even recognize what language was ahah, and i had to explain what it actually was. Sometimes it happens even that
  24. @ancestraltongue you're welcome! I'm really glad that you liked this thread and that this is helpful! @DivaDee I totally agree with all that you said.
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