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  1. It happens that i listen to something that i don't understand immediately or after a few hours, but listening to it the day after i can understand what the audio says, im like "ahhh, i understand this word only now!", it's kinda funny and satisfying when this happens! So listening to an audio on youtube, etc really helps a lot. Obviously movies and song help a lot, my liceal english teacher always recommend it.
  2. Quest'anno come al solito passerò il Natale con la mia famiglia! Per la Vigilia prepareremo qualche ricetta di pesce come le lasagne con il salmone o la pasta al forno! (veramente buoni entrambi, infatti siamo indecisi :D) e ovviamente apriremo i regali! A Capodanno credo che organizzerò qualcosa con il mio ragazzo e gli amici. E tu cosa preparerai di buono per Natale? Buon fine settimana!
  3. These nicknames are so cute! Here everyone use personal nicknames to call friends or others when they wants, there aren't generic nicknames, just abbreviations or something like this
  4. Con "Sin" intendevi "Senza"? Perchè "Sin" è "senza" in spagnolo Comuque capisco perfettamente la sensazione! Anche io sono irregolare nello studio! Cerco di fare il piu possibile, cerco di fare almeno 30 minuti al giorno o 1 ora quando ho piu tempo! Comunque sei veramente brava! E' difficile studiare molte lingue contemporaneamente Buonasera a te!
  5. @anna3101 Prego! I'm so glad this helped you! it took time but i was happy to know that this maybe would help someone, so i did this with pleasure And don't worry, it takes time to learn a language, and you are doing great learning more that one! Thank you for appreciate what i did anyway
  6. Yeah i know how they pronounce it, but it's a bit difficult to repeat that sound because i'm not used to talk like that
  7. @bmcleod19 You're welcome! @Richard.H Since when i'm studing Korean i have to admit that the pronunciation of some words is really hard, because is way different from western languages! But i think that the the R in "Sarang" is more like an R than like an L, it's just less marked. Correct me if i'm wrong
  8. Hello everyone! Sometimes when i see someone learning my language i notice that there are some gramatical and pronunciation errors that are very often repeated, so i wanted to group them in this topic because i think that it can be helpful to the people who are learning Italian. About grammar: -Above all Native english speakers tends often to translate literally from their language to italian, a result of this is the case of the use of "Chi" (who) instead of "Che" (that) in affermative phrases. For example, a phrase "Someone who is waiting" is ofted translated with "Qualcuno CHI
  9. Yes, we don't pronunce a guttural "g", in this case it is near a "L" (so "gl") but there are some exeptions, for exemple if it is in the start of a word it is guttural, for exemple the word "Glicemia" (glycemia), wich is pronounced as in english. Voglio's pronunciation is similar to words like "million" but more marked..you should listen to it
  10. @kurdapia This is why languages are so charming! I opened this topic because i found interesting how people express their affection and feelings in their languages. Some words can have a deep meaning or not, in general this is a delicate topic and i think it's beautiful to see differents culture's habits when it comes to love
  11. This forum is really nice and helpful! This helped me because i found out that there are people all over the world who are learning languages and so have my same passion. It's good too to see people from other countries and their cultures ! I want to travel the world one day in the future, when i can, so it's a start something about you all Another good thing is that here there are a lot of native speaker to talk with and to ask if i have some doubts. And another way this forum helped me is that i'm not so good and fluent with english, so everytime i want to write something but i don
  12. Buonasera Anna! Sei molto brava in italiano, complimenti! Da quanto lo studi e in che modo? Il coreano e il cinese sono davvero molto difficili per me! Per ora mi sto concentrando sui Kanji (cinese) e sulla scrittura e lettura dell'Hangoul (coreano), dopo mi concentrerò di piu sulla grammatica Per ora sto guardando alcuni siti e video lezioni. Buon fine settimana a te!
  13. "I like you" is "Mi piaci", but you can even say "Tengo molto a te" that is like "i really care about you" , it is a great demonstration of affection to that person, you are saying that this person is important to you. You can obviously say "ti voglio bene" instead of "Ti amo", both means "i love you" but "Ti voglio bene" is i love you in a friendly way You can even say (always in friendly ways): "Ti voglio davvero bene" that is "I truly love you" "Ti voglio molto/tanto bene" that is "I love you a lot" "Molto" and "Tanto" both means "a lot/much" I hope this wa
  14. Actually i didn't think of it....but now that i'm thinking, it may be this! Because now Italian is her main language, i remember than when we went out together she used to speak spanish with one of her friends fluently but maybe in some ways she isn't good at it since when she don't speak Spanish continuosly, i'll ask her this too! Ty for the advice
  15. I really love Japanese names, in fact if i have to choose a name for a videogame or something like this i use to choose a Japanese female name, because they sounds good and they have beautiful meanings ;D Some examples are Ai (Love),Akahana (red flower), Ayaka (colorful flower), Hana (flower), Hanako (Flower's child), Haruka (Distance), Hoshi (Star), Kiyoko (pure child), Kiyomi (pure beauty), Nami (wave), Nana (seven), Sakura (cherry blossom), Sayuri (lily), Shizuka (quiet person), Tomoko (wise child), Tsuki (Moon), Tsukiyama (moon mountain) Yuki (snow), Yuuki (princess) Some male n
  16. You actually got it! That's what i meant by doing this topic All types of love, not only the Romantic one. Anyway even if your language isn't the most romantic, it's interesting to know something about less spoken languages, every language has its own charm and i find it beautiful to know about not common languages too @kurdapia Oh, i was waiting for the Filipino one! So it's like Italian, you have a way to say I love you to a partner and a way to say it to other people
  17. @Blaveloper I meant how do i pronounce those 2 in your language, not in Italian, obviously it's better to pronounce something in the native way... Btw the thing about Japanese is really interesting because it's something i was wondering since a long time, i didn't really know the fact that "Aishiteru" is "I'm loving you", so thank you for this
  18. @shadejb wow i didn't know that in Vietnam you are so shy xD but it's nice in some ways @Blaveloper Yep it's a topic for mid February but i think that i wanted to talk about love in general, not only for partners and i think it will last til February Anyway i have a few questions: how do i pronounce the Polish and Dutch ones? And about Japanese... i thought it was "Aishiteru", what is the difference between this and "ai shimasu"? @lushlala when i search on the internet i always find how to say "i love you" in common languages, so it is interesting to know how to say it in your la
  19. Ciao Anna! Spero di essere stata utile nelle correzioni! Se hai dubbi chiedi pure
  20. I'm sorry if i am not so good at it but how do i pronounce "Obicham"? I mean, the CH is like "Chest" or like a K? Anyway i'm not sure what you mean, it depends on what you want to say to him/her i guess
  21. This may be a simple question, but since we around Christmas (i couldn't wait until Valentine's day!) i think it's good to open an happy topic! How do you say "i love you", or how do you express love in your language? Not only to your lovers, but even your relatives, parents, friends! In Italian "I love you" can be translated in 2 ways: "Ti amo" is the "I love you" that you say generally to your boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband but you can say it maybe to your son or daughter too because it is a great expression of love. "Ti voglio bene" is what you say generally to peopl
  22. I didn't see her for a long time because of some problems, but i already asked her, maybe i will try it again later when i will spend with her more time! Anyway obviously i use others things to study a language, most of all for the grammar part, but when it comes to speaking, listening, pronunciation, etc it's better to talk a little with a native speaker it's like going to another country and learning a language by speaking with people in some ways
  23. Welcome! Finnish sounds sooo difficult to me, but Finland seems to be a charming place even if i don't like winter so much, and i prefer summer. But if i think of it i have the idea of all those beautiful snowy landscapes....:)
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